thinking is love?

Mankind presumes more thinking brings better results and a better life, always.

Map of Spiritual Progress

A key for understanding consciousness calibration results.

Praise for Consciousness Calibrations Database

A compilation of user commendations

self-esteem/energy during spiritual purification

What to do when dissolving the ego also dissolves your energy and self-esteem.

reboot to the silence

How to shut down all the programs we run and see the world as children do.

in Apathy? an unexpected option

This article calibrates about 580 (principles), evidently.

960 requests calibrated!

A milestone for the Database, adding to the thousands of curated calibrations. Just letting you know I'm doing my best. Apologies for not being able to calibrate every request. Cheers.

threats to human life: perception vs. reality

An analysis by calibration of the danger to human life of Covid-19, cancer, heart disease, influenza, lightning strikes and auto accidents.

I'm a spiritual student, and I live in a ghetto

"I found it part of my spiritual path to surrender every worldly goal, including earning money by charging for calibrations. My only income is from donations including paid-subscriptions..."

Calibrations Digest, April 15 - April 30

132 calibrations

Calibrations digest, April 1-14

95 calibrations

Hundreds of music calibrations

The database contains over 200 results for music

World calibration lowered to 191

With a switch from the experiencer to prideful instinct, mankind goes below 200, again.

A Community Forum

With hundreds of members devoted to the work of Dr. Hawkins, Consciousness Calibrations Community offers spaces for spiritual sharing and calibration requests.

950+ calibrations, 350+ subscribers, plus requests answered

Update on Consciousness Calibrations Database