I'm a spiritual student, and I live in a ghetto
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I'm a spiritual student, and I live in a ghetto

"I found it part of my spiritual path to surrender every worldly goal, including earning money by charging for calibrations. My only income is from donations including paid-subscriptions..."

Let me introduce myself

I'm a spiritual student, and I live in a ghetto. It is a ghetto in consciousness, not in the sense of low property values: the 2-bed, 2-bath units here sell for $225,000. And yet the prevailing energy is 120, by my test of it. The bars on everyone's doors and windows, along with warning signs and video surveillance, are indicators of a fear reality.

I let go of fear, specifically fear, for about 30 minutes each day, but I spiritually encounter many other forms of negativity. Given my goal of enlightenment, living here is a blessing as it offers the chance to clear the ego's blocks to peace and joy.

The Ghetto

Here are calibrations specific to this neighborhood. Residents include drug dealers (cal. 55), gang members (cal. 85), illegal aliens (cal. 100), people on government support (cal. 80), the mentally ill (cal. 35), drug addicts (cal. 35), juvenile delinquents (cal. 75), neglected children (cal. 30), and everyone else (cal. 120). 98% percent of the people in the community are under 200, by my test. This is where my spiritual journey led me.

If travel was easier, I'd have run from this place a long time ago. So I also have coronavirus lockdowns to be thankful for, as they left me no better alternative than to stay here and process out negative positionalities. Much as I didn't want to, I always felt better afterwards, and I could realize nobody was making me a victim except my own ego. As the ego instinctively blames externalities, this is an important spiritual lesson.

Spiritual progress

Gradually, being here has gotten easier. The "napalm" police helicopter still flies over regularly, duty-bound, but I'm no longer triggered into the nightmarish hell depicted in Vietnam war movies. The pilot as a person seems to be at level 55, by my test, though he is capable as a pilot. This terror of the skies was one of the hardest things to process out. It took many exposures and was agonizing. There were components of shame and guilt, which we can assume were karmic, but it seems to be done, now.

The progress is measurable. My heart energy has come up considerably, like a well of "living water" (see John 14:4 KJV). Heart energy makes all the difference as it provides well-being and comfort from within, even in the presence of thundering negativity.

Increasingly it appears to me heart energy is what runs the world, and I take much hope from that. Still, each morning after waking, it's necessary to balance the kundalini (heart) energy, because living in a ghetto is draining. The spiritual work is constant. One could not ask for a more efficient proving ground, as a tiny bit more negativity might be overwhelming. Fortunately, the universe is governed by love and we are given only what we can handle.

The value of Consciousness calibration

It is against this background that I calibrate the levels of consciousness on thousands of topics for the Consciousness Calibrations Database. Before any calibration work, it is necessary to be without spiritual blockages. Both the mind that holds the topic (context) and the body whose energy is tested (content) must be clear. Letting go is therefore a spiritual technique complementary to consciousness calibration as it clears energy pathways in the body.

I've found dedication to consciousness calibration speeds up the spiritual journey, because truth is efficient and intention is set at 605. We need not waste time believing things are something they are not. By aligning with the actuality of truth, we give up the ego payoffs of "seeing what we want to see." The state of enlightenment is to see Reality without illusion. Until then we have consciousness calibration (cal. 605, TvF) to ascertain truth.

In order to calibrate well...

Despite consciousness calibration being available to anyone who calibrates over 200, repeatable accuracy is a rare commodity. Similarly, anyone can shoot a basketball at a hoop, but a professional level of accuracy is achieved only after many, consistent years of practice. To become an expert calibrator requires as much dedication as would any field of human endeavor (statement at 605). To be over 200 is to simply have the capacity to start practicing. Expertise will not arrive for years and even then only if it is pursued with single-mindedness.

Few are willing to make the sacrifices necessary for calibration expertise, yet it is remarkable to ably discern truth by calibration. As consciousness calibration is over 600, its perfection would seem to be as rare as Illumination (600) itself. To be clear, I do not present myself as illuminated or Self-realized, but what I offer is rare. To some extent it is opposed by those who do not understand or who have lost their understanding. Consciousness calibration is an integral part of Dr. Hawkins teachings, and he encouraged us to practice it.

Do you charge for calibration?

I found it part of my spiritual path to surrender every worldly goal, including earning money by charging for calibrations. My only income is from donations including paid-subscriptions to Consciousness Calibrations Database. There is not a fee to access my work.

The Database "pay-wall" is to protect the privacy of living individuals who are calibrated rather than to demark premium, paid content. A paid-subscription indicates well enough the requisite seriousness to read the calibrations of living people. Additionally, a paid-subscription supports me in this world. For that, I thank you.

If you have found value in reading the Consciousness Calibrations Database, then I humbly ask you to purchase a paid-subscription so there may be an exchange of value. I feel your love and attention when I see your donation arrive, and I thank God for each one. May you be blessed.

Not everyone pursues enlightenment. Those who do surrender their lives to God and to the benevolence of others. I rely on you and you rely on me, as we are all in the Self, each being what we are. I'm grateful to be in touch with you and to offer to you the Consciousness Calibrations Database. Thank you for your support!