World calibration lowered to 191

With a switch from the experiencer to prideful instinct, mankind goes below 200, again.
World calibration lowered to 191

Mankind's overall calibration shifted from 204 to 191

This happened on Jan. 27, 2021, according to my test. You are welcome to confirm for yourself. Regular calibrators at Consciousness Calibrations Community already have. We can understand the lowered result in terms of a shift of focus rather than a loss. Instead of being tuned to the experiencer at 204, mankind is now characterized by instinct at 191.

The common denominator of mankind is apparently that of a carrier wave of pride. This means, unaware and swept by zeitgeist, we assimilate with self-interested tribalism and assume popular though false renditions of reality. Belief is automatic and uncritical. While mankind historically has been entrained to falsehood, it is now a defining phenomenon. Unfortunately, the negative ego is dominant in mankind, again, and in the same way it was prior to jumping over 200 in the 1980s.

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