Map of Spiritual Progress

A key for understanding consciousness calibration results.

The Map of Spiritual Progress is a viable and free substitute for the copyright-enforced Map of Consciousness from Veritas Pub. The Map of Spiritual Progress may be shared, posted or made available for download according to the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. May it be helpful on your spiritual journey.

A key to understanding consciousness calibration results

The Map of Spiritual Progress is the result of a decade of spiritual work inspired and informed by the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins, along with consciousness calibration research and verification of ideas presented by Dr. Hawkins. The high calibration of the Map of Spiritual Progress (cal. 840) is due to its accuracy in describing high levels of consciousness, though it is also accurate in describing low levels. The meaning of any calibration result can be illuminated by referring to the closest matching row on the Map of Spiritual Progress.

About the Map of Spiritual Progress

The level of consciousness number (LoC column, below) refers to an intention or a quality of energy. Qualities occur in the context of a dimension or chakra. The crown, 3rd eye and heart columns can be studied vertically to help you understand their unique spiritual journey. In non-linear fashion, the individual makes spiritual progress in the dimension in which spiritual work is applied (statement at 655). Our personal calibration is our level in whichever chakra is predominant for us.

Map of Spiritual Progress

IntentionLoCCrown3rd eyeHeart
Spiritual Will850omnipresenceomniscienceomnipotence

*Technical note

The intentions listed in the chart were calibrated specifically as intentions. Where there is a difference in calibrated result with the same topic calibrated by Dr. Hawkins, the context was also different, e.g. "transcendence" was held as a process and "forgiveness" as an emotion, neither as an intention, on the Map of Consciousness.

Spiritual ego on the Chart of Consciousness

Separating intention from the qualities of content facilitates spiritual growth. The spiritual ego abhors low-calibrating content, which means its intention is to eliminate (20), punish (30) or at least blame (40) that content by holding it as wrong or evil. While, yes, the content is low-calibrating, our state of being is not altered by the content but by how it is held. If it were held objectively (400), the low content would start to be seen as infantile or absurd, and it would have little power over us.

The low intentions of the spiritual ego—regardless of content—are exactly what must be surrendered for spiritual progress. Yes, that the "spiritual" voice in your head is actually impeding a rise in your level of consciousness is ironic. Content isn't the block the spiritual ego makes it out to be. Rather, the block is attachment to the offense taken by the spiritual ego regarding "unspiritual" content.

Spiritual liberation requires transcending not only the energy-seeking ego but also the high-states-seeking spiritual ego.

Calibrating at 190, the highest of its intentions, the spiritual ego presumes to control (175) our spiritual destiny, so it collects holy (500) or reverent (540) music, books, spiritual practices and images. These, along with silence (570), it holds very highly, and holding them highly we reach high states. However, the states always turn out to be temporary; we don't end up enlightened. This is because the spiritual ego can only produce temporary results.

The true crux of spiritual work is to perfect our intention, which is done by surrendering false contexts (under 200) and their payoffs regarding any and all content.

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