950+ calibrations, 350+ subscribers, plus requests answered

Update on Consciousness Calibrations Database

The calibrations database continues to grow

Each month adds hundreds of calibration results. There are now over 950 results in dozens of categories. Recently, new subscribers are signing up at a rate of three per day, and we now have over 350 subscribers total. Thank you! Paid-subscriptions are also at an all-time high. Double thank-you! I am truly appreciative of your monetary valuation of this work.

While most calibration results are available with a free-subscription, the people calibrations are behind a pay-wall. (If only everything could be free in this world! On the other hand, we can "vote with our wallet.") You can see who has been calibrated, here. There are also lists compiled of true teachers and false gurus. These have proven to be popular and useful lists, as no one wants to waste time on the spiritual journey or be falsely programmed.

Requests fulfilled are now their own category!

If you've made a calibration request, you can check whether it has been fulfilled by scrolling through this page. Alternatively, use the search function on the home page. Sometimes you need to know the level of Schopenhauer's philosophy. Sometimes you need to know the LoC of Snoop Dogg. There's quite a variety of requests, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you for your time and support! Have a lovely Mother's Day (cal. 505)!

Brian Gibbs

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