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"I'm here for a good time not a long time"

Commonly seen on Tinder bios (as well as other dating apps) to denote that the user is not looking for anything serious (I.e. a relationship). Instead, they are looking for a casual fling/hook up/just sex -- urbandictionary

U. G. Krishnamurti

d.2007. He rejected the very basis of thought and in doing so negated all systems of thought and knowledge -- wikipedia

attraction of mind / thoughts

What is the level of the field that makes thinking so attractive?

go around in circles

"to keep doing or talking about the same thing without achieving anything" -- Cambridge dictionary

solar eclipse

the Moon coming between Earth and the Sun so that the Moon’s shadow sweeps over Earth’s surface» —

noninvolvement with a field of pain

The capability to remain on the "razor's edge" and neither resist nor experience pain.


England occupies more than half of the island of Great Britain and is often erroneously considered synonymous with the island of Great Britain and even with the entire United Kingdom outside the British Isles --

“righteous anger”

Request: Is it ever righteous? I recall Doc talking about righteous indignation. I’ve been chewing on and trying to surrender the whole identity around community scapegoat and I find layers and layers of anger and desire to punish the “perpetrators” and a seeking of “justice”.

Tim Scott

African American Republican US senator from South Carolina running for President in 2024.

quote on heavy metal, rap in The Eye of the I

Priority request: This sounds like a conspiracy theory. I thought this music was created by individuals who themselves live in ignorance and are just angry or whatever this music expresses. Did not think it is used as "deliberate means".

the ability to find something wrong in anything

The spiritual ego can always find something wrong, even in joy, beauty, simplicity or love.

avoiding positive thoughts / the upside

An orientation, alignment or behavior

"I will not punish myself for this"

Request: This thought has helped me a lot lately when I felt guilt about something. I became aware how guilt deprives me from physical energy, this helped me regain it. Sometimes I complete the sentence: "I will not punish myself for consuming sugar / smoking / being assertive / etc."

to miss someone

to notice or feel the loss or absence of someone

wind phone

an unconnected telephone booth where visitors can hold one-way conversations with deceased loved ones. Originally created by a Japan garden designer Itaru Sasaki in 2010 to help him cope with his cousin's death, there are now thousands of replications all around the world -- wikipedia