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"Every end is a new beginning"

Level at which this is experientially true and most relevant.


"The teachings of the Buddha spread into the Far East, out of which Zen Buddhism became the best known in the West. Buddhism is benign and views other religions as limitations rather than as rivals" -- Truth vs. Falsehood.

The Rosary

Priority request: represents the Catholic emphasis on "participation in the life of Mary, whose focus was Christ", and the Mariological theme "to Christ through Mary".

Christopher F. Rufo

Priority request: an academic in the same vein as James Lindsay who is pushing back against things like DEI and all forms of Communism.

obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD)

characterized by recurring, unwanted thoughts or sensations (obsessions) and rituals (compulsions) that interfere with daily activities and social interactions -- Priority request.

Andy Warhol

A leading figure in the pop art movement, Warhol is considered one of the most important American artists of the second half of the 20th century. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, advertising, and celebrity culture that flourished by the 1960s -- wikipedia.

Glory Be (doxology)

Priority request. The “Glory Be” is far and away the most common Christian prayer after the Our Father and the Hail Mary --

human cloning

Priority request. Also, is human cloning being done?

presumption of bias

"Bias is a disproportionate weight in favor of or against an idea or thing, usually in a way that is inaccurate, closed-minded, prejudicial, or unfair" -- wikipedia.

statement: FDR policies doubled the length of the Great Depression

Historically, FDR is given credit for ending the Great Depression. However, recent scholarly research suggests "specific anti-competition and pro-labor measures that Roosevelt promoted and signed into law June 16, 1933" prolonged it.


Priority request: “immemorial way of right living”. Hinduism is the oldest and most complex of all established belief systems, with origins that date back more than 5000 years in India. There is no known prophet or single founder of Hinduism.

"An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact"

Attributed to Neville Goddard. By request.

Volodymyr Zelensky

"Ukrainian actor and comedian who was elected president of Ukraine in 2019. Although he was a political novice, Zelensky’s anti-corruption platform won him widespread support, and his significant online following translated into a solid electoral base" --


illegal activities or behaviour --

core of the ego

"The basis of war, crime, and all social conflict, including genocide, is diagnosed as originating from the core of the ego itself, specifically the infantile ego, with its impatient wants, loud protests, and unrealistic expectations" -- Truth vs. Falsehood.