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ice baths

Sitting in an ice bath (one of many forms of cold exposure) to build grit, resilience, and mental strength. Ice bathing also comes with great health benefits --request

The Sims (video game series)

The player creates virtual people called "Sims", places them in houses, and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires. Sold nearly 200 million copies --wikipedia

popping a pimple

Request: Intuitively, feels like forceful behavior.

"to love is to risk"

Level at which this wisdom is subjectively true.

Douglas Heel Method: Be Activated

As well as treating injuries and enhancing sporting performance, it’s a powerful tool for stress management, and can quickly break common patterns of movement dysfunction and chronic pain

psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

Request: Efficacy of this treatment option for PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.

Vastu Shastra

traditional Indian system of architecture based on ancient texts that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry --wikipedia

acting as a spiritual practice

In the context of facilitating personal growth and positive transformation, acting can be a very effective form of therapy.

Last Chance in Texas: The Redemption of Criminal Youth

a profoundly moving story about the children who grow up to inflict on others the violence that they themselves have suffered. It is a story of horror and heartbreak, yet ultimately full of hope

Ramtha / The White Book

It addresses questions on the Source of all existence, our forgotten divinity, life after death, evolution, love, the power of consciousness and the mind, lessons from nature, and Ramtha s ascension

Davos, World Economic Forum WEF (update)

The meeting brings together some 3,000 paying members and selected participants – among whom are investors, business leaders, political leaders, economists, celebrities and journalists – for up to five days to discuss global issues across 500 sessions --wikipedia

Masafumi Nagasaki (update)

Naked hermit of a solitary Japanese island, Sotobanari. Although Nagasaki simply wanted to be alone, his aura attracted visitors to whom he gave spiritual teachings. He was removed from the island by the government in 2018. He's since returned.

Little Dorrit (TV Series 2008)

Adaptation of the Dickens novel, really high quality --request

"Wisdom tells us…” quote by David R. Hawkins

From Power vs. Force, chapter 24

Mike Pompeo

Former CIA director and Secretary of State under Donald Trump. Possible Republican candidate in 2024 Presidential race.