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A stepped-up spiritual technique to enhance the (575) letting go process

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The crown chakra relates to inner sovereignty, that is, your authority in the "kingdom within." Where you have inner awareness but do not take responsibility, there is inner suffering, and you feel like a kingdom divided.

In this situation, it is necessary to not blame external causes for how you feel, because that's a way of denying responsibility. Rather, see that the inner suffering is yours to resolve, and, in fact, something you can resolve.

The way to do it is to make sovereign decrees for your inner kingdom. That may sound odd, but that's what it is when we say "I cancel this program." The spiritual ego runs programs that void the energy of the body or mind resulting in experiential depression, fatigue or confusion. In severe cases, there is illness or a diagnosable mental disorder.

If you experience the symptom, then you can cancel the spiritual ego program that is causing it. Yes, the spiritual ego is causal in your inner kingdom, and it is up to you to say, "We're shutting this down." You have the authority to do that, and it's actually your responsibility, too.

If you feel a lot of grief, apathy, guilt or shame that you think is because of something in the outer world, then you have a spiritual ego program to cancel. Forget about the outer world as it is a distraction from solving the inner suffering at its source. You're only going to solve it within.

So you let the feeling come up and you focus on it with all your awareness and you say, "We're canceling this punishment," because it is a punishment. At its core, the spiritual ego is very much a dictator set upon your experiential suffering as it abhors God's creation.

Hold your awareness on the feeling without backing down or shying away. You want to reach every last bit of it. You may have to repeat the process from time to time, but in this way you will take charge of your inner kingdom and set yourself free.

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