Spiritual Practice

visualizing the desired outcome, then surrendering it to God

Priority request: spiritual teachers advise to be unattached to outcomes. I found this approach useful. It lets the mind settle because I feel like I got something "off my chest" and then there is peace that God will bring about what is supposed to happen, independent of my desires and fears.

asking God to help others

Request: When you see the suffering of another person, ask God to help them. Is it good to do it or is it better to believe that God will help them anyways and not pray for them?

"yes, Lord"

Possibly the most powerful spiritual posture a human being can assume, that of following the Lord no matter what.

a prayer for inner peace

How I've been praying lately.

praying for the animals whose meat you've just eaten

Request: Feels like the right thing to do. But is it?

Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

a Christian devotion to the Divine Mercy from St. Faustina Kowalska of Krakow, Poland. Priority request.

The Welcoming Prayer - Thomas Keating

"...I let go of my desire to change any situation, condition, person or myself. I open to the love and presence of God and God’s action within..." (excerpt)

closing one’s right eye as a spiritual practice

Request: to facilitate switching to right brain.

mindfulness of speech

Request: asking oneself if what one is about to say is true? Kind? Necessary? etc…

reading the Bible as a spiritual practice, devotion

Request: Reading the Bible daily as a way to improve one’s God consciousness, devotion to God.

kundalini yoga

Calibrated at 510 [highest awareness] in Truth vs. Falsehood. The ADAP calibration measures effect in all dimensions.

"Bypassing the mind" meditation style of Dr. Hawkins

Request: In chapter 4 of "Discovery of the Presence of God", in Q&A section, there is a question "What should one focus on in meditation?"

listening to positive affirmations every day

Request: Making a short list of positive affirmations such as "Everything is always working out for me," or "My life is ruled by order and harmony" then recording them and playing them on repeat for 10 minutes or so. Is this an effective way to use mantras and align with a positive field?

awareness plus intention is curative

High focus (awareness) with high intention (power of context) processes out all blocks.

T/F: wearing a cross protects against demons

Request: We know that making the sign of the cross dissolves demons in one’s aura. Does wearing a cross offer similar protection?