Spiritual Practice

mantra: I love myself

Energy potential of this mantra and of "everyone loves me."

"Q: What prayers are useful?"

Excerpt from "The Eye of the I"

neti neti (not this, not that)

a Vedic analysis of negation which is used in Jnana Yoga as a path to Self-realization

screaming, as a spiritual practice

Request: Wondering if screaming at the top of my lungs helps to dissolve anger?

Tibetan tantric practice

Deity yoga is the central practice of Buddhist Tantra. In the three lower or "outer" tantras (Action, Performance and Yoga), Deity yoga practice is often divided into "the yoga with signs," and "the yoga without signs," --wikipedia

request: talking to trees as a spiritual practice

affirming their beauty, stability, contribution to life, etc. an extension of “goodwill towards all of life in all its expressions.” --request

spiritual processing

request: allowing the content to be "worked out" by the field

Let go of negativity about negativity

A discussion on holding negativity in the context of fear, grief, apathy, guilt or shame.

watching movies below 200 to surrender judgements

A spiritual practice. Request: I'm curious about the intention of doing this as a way to release negative judgements or projections we have about lower levels of consciousness. Maybe it is an effective way to tame the spiritual ego too?

12 Step Prayers: 10 Minute Guided Meditation with Music

Carol Wilke gently guides us through the 12 step prayers (Alcoholics Anonymous or "AA") in this 10 minute guided meditation with beautiful music by Kent Rautenstraus. This spiritual practice is intended to support the recovery of those with any kind of addiction --youtube

The Letting Go Guided Journal

This guided, interactive journal, drawing wisdom from the classic, best-selling book by David Hawkins, is designed to help readers release negativity and find emotional healing --amazon.com

avoiding that which is under 200

Is this a healthy approach? Or does actively avoiding things under 200 hinder your participation in life? --request

acting as a spiritual practice

In the context of facilitating personal growth and positive transformation, acting can be a very effective form of therapy.

using Letting Go with Law of Attraction

Can these paradigms mix? Letting Go is in the high 500s, while LOA seems to be motivated by pride.

Dream machine (hypnosis device)

It is meant to be looked at through closed eyelids, upon which moving yantra-like mandala visual patterns emerge, and an alpha wave mental state is induced --see dream-machine.tech