Spiritual Practice

spiritual practice: japa of "om"

Priority request: Saying mentally (not out loud) the syllable "om" when inhaling and again when exhaling during meditation, and continue after meditation without interruption the whole day, until it ceases naturally because one is falling asleep

Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya

Sadhguru's 21-minute practice that includes preparatory asanas, breathing exercises, bandhas, mudras, mantra chanting, and meditation in a specific sequence.

clean slate (spiritual practice)

request: leaving behind what you thought you knew and starting afresh

swallowing your pride

to decide to do something although it will make you feel embarrassed or ashamed -- dictionary.cambridge.com

statement: calibration results are the Truth expressed in the form of intellect

A recent point of discussion in the Database. Calibrated by request.

sesshin (meditation)

A sesshin schedule in the West will typically allow anywhere from nine to fifteen periods of zazen per day, 30–40 minutes each, with ten-minute periods of walking meditation (kinhin) between zazen periods -- wikipedia

visualizing the number while doing a spiritual practice

Priority request: Usually it happens on its own that the calibrated number of a certain spiritual practice appears in the mind while doing that spiritual practice. Is this something helpful, or just a working of the mind, unnecessary and pride motivated?

dancing, as a spiritual practice

Harmony with the body. Getting lost in the moment. You become one through the movement, letting go of the mind. The body becomes an instrument of worship. Expressing joy and gratitude to God.

asking for forgiveness

Calibrated by request.

awareness plus intention is curative

Intention is context, meaning, and subjective reality. You are cured (or restored) to the level of the reality with which you align.

leaving all behind (spiritual practice)

request: just leaving. All obligations, relationships etc.

the language you pray in makes a difference

Request: I’ve been praying in English, but my native tongue is German. I found a huge difference praying in German.

contemplation: what would God do?

Request: I recall you mentioning this once. Seems to be a good way to reach a higher alignment

setting intentions every morning

A way of correcting and setting the compass of spiritual will?

surrendering one's life to Jesus Christ

Priority request: when I contemplate this, it brings peace