Free Tier

Donald Trump

His opponents focus on his low-end range, his boosters on the high-end. Sensible people see a mixture of integrity and non-integrity, but where does it land overall? Calibration shows the current average.

Xi Jinping

"The leader of the world's most populated country and second largest economy (GDP), Xi Jinping holds a firm grasp on China's only political party" --

Slobodan Milosevic

Laid the ideological foundations for the slaughter of Bosnian Muslims and other former-Yugoslavians in the 1990s. Died in 2006 while being prosecuted for war crimes. Calibrated at 130 in TvF.


"harnesses state-of-the-art AI to meld the reflective practice of journaling with therapeutic frameworks and techniques, fostering profound self-awareness" --

statement: the Earth is a globe

Priority request: vs. a flat Earth.

Hidden Reality: The BioGeometry Physics of Quality

by Ibrahim Karim. "presents new holistic concepts of pulsating time-space, producing the emotional, mental, radiation and attraction forces in creation" -- amazon.

"May we always arrive at truth in the context of love"

Request: This is a comment that was posted on that database, what does this blessing calibrate at?

T/F: Jesus was an incarnation of an angel or archangel

Jehovah's Witnesses believe Jesus, pre-birth, was the archangel Michael. Priority request.

music of The Beatles

Calibrated in Truth vs. Falsehood at 460 (awareness). ADAP jibes with your intuition that The Beatles' music is predominantly experienced through the emotions (300s), not the intellect (400s). Priority request.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Calibrated at 310 in TvF, but that seems to be the only the ending, not the whole movie.

statement: all fantasies are non-integrous

Request: I often find myself oohed and awed in fantasy, before grounding myself and returning to center. Are any of them integrous?

burning candles in the home

More than physically cozy, there's an emotional uplift, as well.

national day of mourning

Request: Appropriate or juicing grief?

Thought Forms: A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation

By Annie Besant (530 TvF) and C. W. Leadbeater (485 TvF). With their high awareness calibrations we expect a high calibrating book. However, with context, capability and energy quality factored in, this book is shown to be a dead end.

mantra: I am collective consciousness

A high-capability, high-awareness, high-context mantra that can be accessed from level 395. It will bring up resistance at the highest of magnitudes, necessitating surrender at great depth. Indeed, with dedication, it will take one all the way.