belief-based energy vs. LoC-based energy

Self-esteem is a product of belief which can be manipulated by the ego. In fact, the ego is beliefs. Conversely, innate energy is concordant with level of consciousness.

96% of asymptomatic PCR-positive COVID patients were noninfectious (article)

"a paper from researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Hospitals, raises an extraordinary prospect: transmission from asymptomatic people is far, far less common than we were led to believe."

terror vs. fear (article cal. 615)

Lower than shame and proximate to death, terror is not the same as fear.

Why the Creator Seeks to Save All Life (article)

Request: Published on Epoch Times this is the first time his [Falun Gong Founder Li Hongzi] writing deeply resonates with me. Would love to know the calibration of it.

The Biden Economy and How It Could Be Fixed (article)

With abundant energy and a vibrant workforce, we could make significant headway against inflation and quickly improve the lives of the American people

The 7 Chakras and the 9 Centers (article)

Human Design knowledge given to Ra Uru Hu... [asserts] an evolutionary progression within our species from 7 to 9-centered beings

self-esteem = magnitude + projected value

"one cannot discover his true, innate power while simultaneously manipulating his self-esteem energy levels by belief"

the absurdity of negative thinking

A post from Consciousness Calibrations Community. The Community is free to join with a paid subscription to the Database.

article: The Population Crash

There are three choices: Either go extinct within the next century, buy some time by replacing your own citizens with foreigners from poverty-stricken nations, or figure out how to convince women in prosperous societies to have more children.

the energy you radiate vs. the energy you experience

You have a choice when negativity shows up. You can choose to frame it positively with understanding and compassion. Or, at least you can learn to be neutral about it. If you don't have an opinion about negativity, then you'll not be involved with it.

Let go of negativity about negativity

A discussion on holding negativity in the context of fear, grief, apathy, guilt or shame.

American black-on-black crime (article)

"Racial profiling of blacks by other blacks is systemic and pervasive in the black community. One hears it in the music where the black gang lifestyle, murders, sexploitation, explicit and graphic sexual depictions of blacks, drugs, and violence are routinely celebrated"

cultural Marxism's effect in America

"under the pretense of social justice, they now seek... rewriting history; reintroducing racism; creating privileged classes; and determining what can be said in public discourse, the military, and houses of worship"

article: Learning Styles Don't Exist

"teachers should treat each of our students as individuals, but at the same time we should base our teaching practices on the fundamental aspects of learning that are common to all students"

It Only Takes 6 Steps to Plan Your Success (article)

It is through our own conscious choice when we engage in the miracle process of personal development that we are able to transform our nature and our lives