article: Learning Styles Don't Exist

"teachers should treat each of our students as individuals, but at the same time we should base our teaching practices on the fundamental aspects of learning that are common to all students"

It Only Takes 6 Steps to Plan Your Success (article)

It is through our own conscious choice when we engage in the miracle process of personal development that we are able to transform our nature and our lives

The death of Buddha: a medical enquiry

Buddha died from an illness, the nature of which remains unsettled. The present paper examines a variety of sources and concludes that it was tainted pork that led to his demise --

The costly stupidity of the recycling religion

by John Stossel: "Putting garbage in landfills is often much cheaper than recycling. My town would save $340 million a year if it just stopped recycling."

How the CDC Became the Speech Police

The federal government shaped the rules of online discussion in unprecedented and unnerving ways

Russia Not Yet Defeated (article)

"Sure, the initial Russian invasion last year was defeated by Ukraine. Sadly, however, Russia has not yet been defeated—and it does not appear to be on the brink of defeat, no matter what the propaganda in the West says."

supplication is egoless, cal. 595

With this high calibration, we see the nature of supplication; we see the ego is not doing it.

The scientific case against face masks (article)

"the highest-quality scientific studies, randomised controlled trials (RCTs), show... that masks make little to no difference in controlling spread of influenza, SARS-CoV-2, or RSV"

you can't resolve a negative field: do this instead

The ego in its hubris believes it can resolve a negative field. Yes, you may talk someone out of their involvement with a negative field, but this is not the same as trying to resolve negativity itself.

guilt is ruining your energy

And so are shame and apathy. The profound falsehoods of these negative fields refuse life, experiencing and the small self, leading to depression, self-punishment and misery. Decide not to be a victim of the spiritual ego.

A Calibrator's Journey

Answer to a question posed in the Consciousness Calibrations Community.

conduiting: a spiritual practice

conduiting is distinguished from meditation by the addition of awareness of intention, which is "where" the conduit leads

*DECIDE* to have higher energy

Higher (more) energy is a decision of the spiritual will which is different from intention.

Why the spiritual ego thinks low energy is a good idea

The ego seeks high energy without principle, while the spiritual ego seeks high principle without energy...

quality: I don't give a f***

It can be an attachment, but for spiritual students, it is a detachment inasmuch as it is forces responsibility, caring, and scrupulousness.