higher chakras voiding out the energy of lower chakras

the energy available to a lower chakra is a function of the higher chakras either voiding or attracting energy based on beliefs, programming, or positionality

level of statement reflects level of speaker

Can we know someone's level of consciousness by what they say?

T/F: the US government is directing Big Tech censorship

Facebook reportedly censored the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 Presidential election at the direction of the FBI.

How the Ego Boosts Energy

The "juice" of the ego in terms of the Map of Consciousness under-200, whereby we understand how the ego gets energy by projected value or projected blame

why energy/self-esteem lowers on the spiritual journey

Your level of consciousness is the payoff of your predominant way of being.

Article: COVID Cries out for Common Sense

People quickly invested in the official COVID narrative, trusting Anthony Fauci’s assertions that only through mindless submission to the rituals of obsessive cleanliness, masking, and lockdowns would people be saved from illness and death --article

Spiritual students are often too hard on themselves

The spiritual ego is an interlocutor that attempts to stand between you and your realization of the Self.

A Primer on Individuation

Anonymously-submitted essay that I decided to calibrate, because individuation is a critical part of the spiritual journey.

Shattering the Screen of Unreality

"We have to reject the form of life that has been thrust upon us by the media and the digital world." This article is free at (see link)

self-esteem lets the love in: affirmations to get rid of conditions

How to allow the energy of love to comfort your body and mind.

How do I know I'm alive?

An ontological contemplation with examples from the era of Covid hysteria.

how to forgive negative intention

including psychopaths and lower astrals

How to realize higher self-esteem

As with all spiritual work, self-esteem is self-revealing when the blocks to it are removed. What are the blocks? Simply this: our conditions. Article cal. 570 (principles)

20 movies at the level of Fear

Depending in the way a movie calibrates at fear it may be a thriller, a crime drama, a scary movie or a tragicomedy.

Examining "difficulty = worth"

As I encounter blocks to feelin' fine, I realize there is an underlying assumption that life is hard and effort is required.