How the Ego Boosts Energy

The "juice" of the ego in terms of the Map of Consciousness under-200, whereby we understand how the ego gets energy by projected value or projected blame

The 100s are the Energy-Boosting Frequencies

The surrender of energy boosting is one of the ways we advance in consciousness, because we give up the goals and rewards of the ego—the ego way of life—which is centered around getting energy.

Energy boosting occurs when we we focus on anxiety about potential loss, such as an upcoming but uncertain opportunity; or when we want approval, recognition, or to be seen a certain way, such as rich and successful; or when we presume to be entitled to special treatment and act with self-importance, such as by demands or protest; or simply when we value external recognition and specialness over inner satisfaction and innate happiness. These examples correspond with fear, desire, anger and pride. The 100s are the energy boosting frequencies.

Under 200, energy-boosting is is a way of life, because having the most energy guarantees winning, which of course is the ego's purpose. Energy-boosting may also occur in the over-200 individual, however it is not the predominant way of being. Under-200 people are able to compete with and even beat over-200 people based on having higher energy. So to give up energy boosting for spiritual advancement, one sacrifices winning in the the worldly sense. Jesus said, "whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." Matthew 16:25.

As one goes over 200, a win is redefined to what is appropriate and constructive for everyone rather than the self-serving goals of the ego and boosted energy.

Boosted Energy and "Knowing About"

Your total energy includes both energy surrendered to God and energy the ego obtains for winning according to its perception and positionalities, that is, energy from fear, desire, anger or pride. Thus total energy is a composite of what you have become and, on the ego side of the equation, the emotional energy contingent upon what you know about.

Naturally, the ego only recognizes boosted energy as real and useful. The fear of missing an opportunity, for example, provides the jolt we need to take immediate action. Boosted energy serves the ego's temporary objectives. Energy surrendered to God is available to serve the highest good. It's possible to have both. However, over 200, boosted energy is not a way of life. Boosting becomes increasingly rare as one moves up the map of consciousness.

If your total energy equals what you have become and nothing more, then you can say like Socrates (cal. 540), "I know that I know nothing." Such a person does not have knowledge for the sake of energy, such as by garnering respect, influence, followers, or titles. Beliefs and presumptive knowing-about have been recognized as external and abandoned as inconsistent with the inner path. Even empiricism, a high intellectual process calibrating at 475 (TvF), is transcended as there is no point in (nor possibility of) verifying what you are by assuming the position of an external observer.

We can conclude that nonduality is the recovery from the split of "knowing about" and knowing as being. It is the surrender of energy manipulation, including boosting and suppression. Then, one neither resists being a conduit of God's energy, nor does he make for himself a life that is experientially separate from God.

Energy Boosting by Scapegoating

There's another type of ego energy boosting than the one already discussed, that is, other than the boosts based in fear, desire, anger and pride. In fact, the boost to be outlined now is more fundamental and results in higher experiential states.

Under 100, the quality of energy is suppressive. If we have low energy, then we are subject to the low frequencies which refuse life and vitality. People with high energy and worldly success are not necessarily of high consciousness. It may be their high energy is a result of assigning their karmic negativity to something else.

This is the boost of projecting shame, guilt, apathy and grief that is actually our individual karma to process. By disowning and not taking responsibility for our under-100 positionalities, we free up for ourselves the energy that the positionalities would suppress. Consequently, an individual under 200 or even under 100 could experience energy in the 300s, 400s and 500s.

When there is temporarily no shame, guilt, apathy or grief, there is euphoria, bliss, ecstasy and perhaps miracles, visions and satori. By this ego process, a person can have a high spiritual experience without having a high consciousness. This explanation accounts for the tens of thousands of people who think they are enlightened. The dynamic is no different than with drugs: the low energies have been blocked, and the experiential energy soars.

Unlike with drugs, how our energy soars with this ego process may be beyond our awareness, operating in the shadows. For this reason, a high spiritual experience by this process may be difficult to replicate. A function of believing in the reality of Satan is that you can assign all the darkness and evil in your karma to him, whereby you are temporarily liberated from it.

What we shame, blame, hate and grieve is actually a scapegoat for the heaviness of our karmic burden. This projected negativity becomes the negativity of mankind--that same negativity that must be offset by higher consciousnesses so that mankind does not destroy itself. Though a person may contextualize negativity as not his, it remains in the context of mankind and its influence is made manifest.

Everyone under 500 is disowning some portion of shame, guilt, apathy or grief. Holy (over 500) is holy because it doesn't add to the collective negativity.

A karmic consequence of finding an energy shortcut, whether drugs, black magic, or plain ol' scapegoating, is that we are diverted from true spiritual evolution, so the journey is longer, a journey which entails suffering. The general intention of energy boosting is to win by higher energy, and mistakes are made in ignorance.

High energy can be informative of our true nature, such as when people have near-death experiences. Likewise, it is said a "good trip" on LSD may offer spiritual understanding of the true nature of Reality. However, high experiences attained by energy boosting, including by drugs, teach what amounts to "knowing about."

Knowing as being, by contrast, is a durable spiritual state in which one's energy has been surrendered to God. The work has only just begun for one who experiences high states by energy boosting. He is offered a glimpse of the goal. However, his journey is to realize the same high states without ego mechanisms (such as projected guilt) or drugs.

The energy of boosting is of the ego, by projected value or projected negativity. Despite offering high energy experiences, it is not a way to enlightenment. Enlightenment is a way of being, not an experience. The energy of an enlightened being has been surrendered to God as God's glory and radiance, while boosted energy is the glory of the ego.

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