statement: karma is undone in an instant by an act of the Will

The act of the Will instantly corrects perception and its ramifications for the individual, thereby liberating from illusion and the bondage of ignorance.

Doc's relics in Sedona

at Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church columbarium in Sedona. Calibrations per dimension.

level: "burning off bad karma"

Priority request: Or, "paying off karmic debt."

article: nature of force

Fields of consciousness have their own subjective "I," "me," "you" and "it." What we call "the ego" is innate to a field as content, not innate to the being as context. By aligning with a field–or having it forced on you by the intrusion of negativity–the sense of "I" or "me," or "you" shifts.


"The Luciferic energy’s primary tool is distortion of truth. Thus, it is directed at the mind and relies on false promises and half-truths" -- I:RS.

Autobiography of a Yogi

A spirituality classic from 1946 by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Yogananda's story of meeting Babaji

Request: Yogananda and others report meeting Babaji and getting lessons from him. Yet we have Doc calibrating Babaji as false. Is Babaji a spirit that never had a physical body?

“pain is the background of all [your] pleasures”

Request: Maharaj’ words on page 36 in “I’m That.”

spiritualized ego "white knighting"

Assumes a posture of "standing for truth" even as it a derides the morality and courage of its chosen target.

fundamentalism about Doc and his teachings

Including "no one may teach what Dr. Hawkins taught" and "David didn't authorize [fill in the blank]," this conceit supposes Doc's work and consciousness calibration ended with his passing.

rejection of falsehood

The basis for integrity and an essential quality for spiritual ascendancy.

rejection of truth

Can't maintain non-integrity without it.

article: handling the spiritualized ego

The spiritualized ego does not want you to forgive yourself for anything, ever, for therein lies its power over you. Nor does it permit acceptance of your fallible, human nature which is prone to making mistakes in the trial-and-error "school of life."

blissing out

"the state of bliss precludes ordinary activity" -- Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Hawkins.

Let me see this with love, O Lord!

Priority request: A way to recontextualize. The shift in reality is immediate and profound.