Not the same as desire...

cal. 75

Level of internet porn, according to TvF. Addictions tend to be in the level of grief. A term similar to addiction, craving is self-defeating and self-destructive. Because it is under 100, it suppresses energy, and so it is difficult to wrest free from it. Craving is recognizably antisocial, whereas desire is celebrated and socially promoted, especially in the context of money.

By the calibration, craving (75) and desire (125-150) are different qualities and not in the same level. Of course, they can be in the same stack such that craving undermines desire, but we should recognize they are not always in the same stack. People in desire can do very well for themselves monetarily. If desire is not undermined by craving--which entails loss--they may accrue multimillions of dollars and live lavish lifestyles. The non-integrity of desire is amorality, exploitation of others, societal decay, and denial of spiritual reality.

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