chakra / dimension chart

Correlates the traditional seven chakra model with themes per dimension

cal. 600

rootphysical health
sacralpleasure / sex
solar plexussuccess / money / comfort
heartoneness / love
throatattention / charisma / power
3rd eyetruth / rationality
crownsovereignty / sanity / control

A root chakra under 200 means the physical body is unhealthy. By projection, the root chakra is at the effect of all the other chakras. It registers symptoms and does not seem to be causal of itself. Therefore, to restore health, address the punishments arising from the spiritual ego in non-root dimensions.

Sacral under 200 indicates resistance to pleasure or sex. Falsehoods in this dimension register in the physical body as pain or fatigue.

Solar plexus under 200 indicates lack of capability to be successful in this world. To compensate and seize the "win", the ego will boost energy, particularly in the physical body, i.e. the root chakra, which is a temporary application of force.

Heart under 200 feels separate from love.

Throat under 200 clamors for attention, and by ego force, receives it. Additionally, in this context, those who hold power misuse it. Mankind is presently in the throat chakra at 190.  

Third eye under 200 resists truth and rationality.

Crown under 200 is controlled by the ego (or spiritual ego) and is therefore not sane. Positive, constructive control in your domain of responsibility is the essence of sovereignty (statement at 555). 140 at the crown is the level of insane, which is to say the inner kingdom is dysfunctional.

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