"the one"

Request: Is there such a thing as "the one" for us? We often hear that hope to find 'the one' for us romantically, but is it a realistic aim to find the one? If so please could you provide some explanation and further understanding?

cal. 300 (250  - 390)

On average, it is the level of normal and sane (300 TvF), but it occurs within a wider range. For a lot of mankind the range is within individual knowingness, an obvious place to put one's hopes, though perhaps without full alignment. If one is indeed in alignment in this range at the heart, then surely he will draw "the one" to him, according to his understanding.

However, like everything else, the reality of "the one" is subjective. Heart alignment lower than 250 may not entertain romantic notions of "the one," because it is not pragmatic to do so. Over 390 there is clarity about "the one," with emotional payoffs and romantic notions surrendered.

Therefore, with spiritual evolution, it is possible to go beyond the consciousness that initially sought for and found "the one" and recognize the positionality as a provisional but ultimately limiting belief. Letting go of the payoffs associated with "the one' may be a challenge to the ego, but, in any case, God makes up the difference.

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