tobacco packaging warning pictures

Priority request: found on every tobacco package in Eastern Europe, Austria, among about 80 different countries.

childfree / voluntary childlessness

"the voluntary choice not to have children" -- wikipedia

Nepal's decision to ban TikTok

Request: It's been calibrated true on the [Database] that Tiktok promotes delusion. Does Nepal's decision to ban the social media platform serves the highest good? If it does calibrate in the highest good, it could mean other countries could follow suit. Or is it counter-productive?

buzz cut

a variety of short hairstyles, especially where the length of hair is the same on all parts of the head. Rising to prominence initially with the advent of manual hair clippers, buzz cuts became increasingly popular in places where strict grooming conventions applied – wikipedia

singular "they"

Request: A gender-neutral third-person pronoun. Although technically not new, it is getting more and more widespread nowadays.

Elf on a Shelf

Request: Recent Christmas tradition for some families with young children. You keep a toy elf in your home who keeps an eye on your children’s behavior & reports back to Santa.

telling your children there's a Santa Claus

Request: Is this ever integrous? It’s part of our culture & he is a symbol of love & the spirit of Christmas and could foster their imagination but of course it’s not the truth.

speed limits

request: for the highest good?

"challenge accepted"

Request: Saying this always gets me kind of hyped up and excited to do something. I'm wondering if it comes from pride though, because it's usually only when someone else says I can't that I say challenge accepted.

marijuana legalization effect

Cost-benefit analysis.

Grim Reaper

Priority request: The infamous, scythe wielding personification of death. More specifically, the fear of death, which is a significant spiritual hurdle for everyone. The grim reaper is also sometimes depicted as benign or neutral, a mere messenger

death anniversary

Request: A custom in some parts of the world. Generically, is conducting some sort of ritual, visiting the grave or just praying and reflecting an integrous thing to do, or does it indicate that there is an attachment?

trigger warning

a statement at the start of a piece of writing, video, etc. that warns readers or viewers that it contains material that may upset them, especially by reminding them of a trauma or bad experience --

Eric Weinstein

Priority request. hedge fund director and podcast host. He was the joint managing director for Thiel Capital from 2013 until 2022. He has a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard -- wikipedia

same-sex adoption

Adoption of children by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons. Request: Causes more good than harm?