LoC (truth) 260

heart (love): 350
emotional charge: +90

I watched Lion (2016) last night. Had not seen it before. Of course I calibrated it first: LoC 260, Kundalini 350, therefore emotional charge equals +90. From that, I suspected a happy ending, and oh, boy, was there.

260 is the level of humane, which was abundant in the storytelling, including adoption and simple acts of caring. It's interesting that 265 is the level of protective, a little higher than the movie's LoC. A lapse of protectiveness is pivotal in the movie.

As with any movie in the 200s, there is going to be a lot of hardship or challenge presented, but there is enough power for the protagonist to prevail.

The heart of the movie is 350, the kundalini calibration. A kundalini calibration higher than LoC in a movie is going to feel good in the end. We'll see the negativity was an illusion. In this case, grief. We can feel the forgiveness in Lion.