LoC (truth) 435

heart (love): 355

It's interesting to watch a film with a hypothesis about what it means, which is what a calibration provides, if done beforehand. 435 is the level of altruism, which shows up in Pi maintaining the life of thankless, hostile Richard Parker by means of the intellect.

The 400s manipulate symbols to parse meaning. In the end, we find out the story was a symbolic retelling of horrible grief after horrible disaster, which is poignantly the -80 emotional charge. As this revelation comes in the movie's denouement, it is an unexpected twist that feels out of place to the viewer's heart.

But that was the point. The movie concludes it is the job of the mind to protect the heart from the unbearable, insufferable and unthinkable. The Kundalini calibration comes in at 355, the heart sheltered and coddled by the intellect at 435.