higher chakras voiding out the energy of lower chakras

the energy available to a lower chakra is a function of the higher chakras either voiding or attracting energy based on beliefs, programming, or positionality

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The higher chakras are the crown, 3rd eye and the heart. Each is over 500 in terms of their scope, so they are comprehensive for the linear domain. They contextualize the lower chakras: throat, solar plexus, and sacral. Effectively, the higher chakras set the energy levels of the lower chakras. This is expressed in Proverbs 23:7 as "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Our experience is determined by how we hold this world in mind, which is done in the higher chakras.

Operationally, the energy available to a lower chakra is a function of the higher chakras either voiding or attracting energy based on beliefs, programming, or positionality. Associated with the body, the root chakra (at 200) is at the effect of every other chakra and is merely an indicator of beliefs held at higher chakras.

An issue spiritual students regularly face is not having enough energy in this world. This is due to voiding energy at the solar plexus. The dimension of the solar plexus regards success and money, which, if held as "nonspiritual" will void out the frequency of money (205) and even hard work (200). Diligence (210), too, may be voided. Where a frequency is voided, energy is not allowed. If energy is low, experience is low regarding vitality, profit, self-esteem and winning.

A related issue is sexual dysfunction. Inasmuch as sex is held in the heart, mind or crown to be taboo, forbidden, or simply "nonspiritual," the frequency of sex (250) is voided such that energy cannot come to the sacral chakra. This results in various symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, dysorgasmia or dyspareunia. Based on spiritual positionality, the frequency of erotic (230) or masturbation (225) may also be voided out.

In the examples above, qualities over 200 are voided out for "spiritual" reasons. This is the spiritual ego in action, removing from us the energy we need to enjoy this world, yet, at the same time elevating our sense of beingness. Despite this spiritual boost, the spiritual ego does not and cannot raise one's level of consciousness. Rather, the spiritual ego produces states of consciousness that are detached from one's true reality. One can thus reach high states of potentiality which are void of experiential content without actually having high consciousness. (Similarly, but off topic, one can have high energy, self-esteem and charisma without high consciousness).

Surrendering high states achieved by the spiritual ego voiding energy from the dimensions of the body, sex, and success will be perceived as a loss and even feel like the wrong direction. There may be concerns of "going to hell," losing one's soul, falling from grace, or departing from "the path." This is all false spiritual programming that actually indicates the spiritual ego's control over you. It uses threats and compulsion, which is obviously not how God works. One cannot truly realize God in service to the spiritual ego.

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