Ego Non-Reactivity

A spiritual practice at LoC 601 in the mode of the witness.
Ego Non-Reactivity

Here's a spiritual practice at LoC 601 you can try. It's called "ego non-reactivity." That's when you are in the mode of the witness, which means you're not the participant. This is quite a shift from the usual posture of human living.

Even with a small degree of spiritual awareness, we can notice when the ego is becoming irked and potentially triggered, but we don't have to "go with it." We don't have to run with the energy. Fear energy certainly wants to run!

It may be appropriate to run when fear will preserve the body, but it in normal life we are most often reacting to an illusion. In an illusion, the ego is electric with amperage (emotional charge) and has no reality testing. That's the nature of panic. "Get a grip!" we like to say, a grip on reality.

We can decide to witness the fear energy--or any negative energy--and all the pain and distress the ego thinks it's having from conditions "out there." As the witness, you can remind yourself you're temporarily in an illusion and that if you hold out you'll see through the illusion and reality will be restored.

A "no matter what" posture helps immensely. If you're willing to die (even if death isn't an actual possibility), you'll have the resolve to see through the emotional charge. And when you do, you've processed out what came up to be processed.

Some of what I've mentioned applies to "letting go," which calibrates at 575, as I recall. The difference between "experiencing out" and "ego non-reactivity" is that the latter is beyond experience, so you're not being touched by the negativity. The witness knows there's a negative field engaging the ego, but it knows you're not the ego.

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