core of the ego

"The basis of war, crime, and all social conflict, including genocide, is diagnosed as originating from the core of the ego itself, specifically the infantile ego, with its impatient wants, loud protests, and unrealistic expectations" -- Truth vs. Falsehood.

Also from TvF (emphasis added):

To the ego, the intellect and reason were just additional tools and modalities of survival so that the intrinsic narcissistic core of the ego utilized mentalization to attack others. The mind could then subserve predatory purposes and pursue primarily narcissistic goals.
What identifies the core of the narcissistic ego is its inability and refusal to accept personal responsibility, and any such request is vociferously rejected as being oppressive. It feeds off the false sense of empowerment of being the ‘victim’ and distorts reality in order to be seen as the victim.
Each of these dictators [Napoleon, Hitler] was answerable to no one. Nero even proclaimed himself to be God. In each case, the ego was proclaiming itself to be God and thus revealed its secret ambition, which is repressed and disguised as part of the inner core of the ego.
The core of the ego is a rebellious anarchist, atheist, and exhibitionist that expects life to be an endless Roman orgy, including intoxicated abandon and polymorphous, perverse sexuality that permits abuse of the naïve and vulnerable

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