conduiting: a spiritual practice

conduiting is distinguished from meditation by the addition of awareness of intention, which is "where" the conduit leads

cal. 600 (this article)

Conduiting is my neologism for the spiritual practice of of observing emotions, thoughts or energy pass through your awareness without your focus or involvement. The practice is like looking out the window of a moving car without visually tracking with a selected object. While this sounds initially like meditation, conduiting is distinguished from meditation by the addition of awareness of intention, which is "where" the conduit leads.

This simple adjustment to meditation greatly increases its efficiency as a spiritual practice. Conduiting, as it's described here, calibrates at 690, according to my test of it. This seems to be higher than most forms of meditation. It is also higher than letting go at 575.

Conduiting is based on the premise "awareness plus intention is curative," which calibrates at 650. Through practice, contemplation and discussion, it came to my attention that this premise would be clarified and enhanced by the posture of non-involvement. Similarly, a conduit is not involved with what passes through it, however, it is the nature of a conduit to lead somewhere. And that is key to accessing all the processing power (potentiality) that is available to your consciousness.

Power is in your context, which is also intention and subjective reality. At any given moment, there is a context, which can be thought of as a destination, for the content that flows through your awareness. That context / destination could be "responsible," for example, which calibrates at 290 (TvF). In this context, content is conduited to a field of power that potentiates responsible action of the physical body, as a 200s result is suggestive of tangible reality. This presumes you're not involved with the content.

Involvement is the conduit resistance by which experiencing occurs, such as feeling overburdened by your responsibilities. If you would let the power of the "field of responsible" do the work, you wouldn't feel overburdened. Responsibility is effortless when the content passes through your awareness without an ego payoff. This is in regard to physical reality. However, as we go higher on the map of consciousness, realities become more subtle and more abstract.

Conduiting to 390 processes / resolves content at the level of clarity (TvF), so that generally handles disturbing emotions, if you will stop trying to solve them and simply pass them on to the 390 field. Witness them float on by, knowing they go to their resolution.

The ego wants to solve the disturbing emotions, of course, for which it would be the hero, but this is often done in ignorance of what is effective, resulting in more suffering rather than solutions. Conversely, in letting go, you go ahead and choose with awareness to suffer greatly but only for a short time, thus bringing the energy involvement to an end. Because energy is an amount, it has an end. With conduiting, you disengage from energy involvement and choose by intention the destination / context / field to handle it.

At 490, the level of "calling a spade a spade," conduited content such as disturbing thoughts is processed with intellectual clarity—well, barring ego involvement, that is. With radical self-honesty you see small-self efforts to think your way out of negative thinking is underpinned by the narcissism of the ego. Humility in recognizing the limitation of the small-self opens the conduit to the power of your context / intention. You can let the whole paradigm of you as problem-solver go. Let the field of power do the work.

Additional contexts / intentions for you to consider for your conduiting:

  • I am not a spiritual victim, 510
  • I rely upon a Savior to handle this, 540
  • Nothing real can be threatened, 550 (as an intention)
  • Compassion for myself and mankind is healing, 560
  • I rely on the Presence of God, 590

Rather than trying to go for the highest calibrating intention, go with one that works for you. Conduiting will only work if you have access to the context you intend. Therefore, be empirical, and notice what is effective in your being and in your experience.

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