all suffering is due to resistance

all suffering is due to resistance

How this truth illuminates the spiritual work of letting go and surrendering the world to God

All suffering is due to resistance (cal. 930). This a life-changing sentence for which I cannot take credit. I read it (or nearly that) many years ago in one of Doc's books. It has informed all of my spiritual work since that time. If you are suffering, you can be sure you are resisting.

So relax, and let go of resistance which is a negative payoff and ego indulgence. Strange though it sounds--not just strange but pathological---the ego likes to be depressed, guilty or to experience any number of low energies. This generally happens outside of conscious awareness, but we can bring awareness to the absurdity of feeling crappy and begin to feel better.

We see troubling news each day, and less than 200 calibrations, oh my!, but we need not experience negative emotions for them. In an eternal sense it hardly matters whether Western Civilization falls. At the level of 500, there are more solutions than problems, regardless of what is going on in the world. What comfort there is to align with Love!

Perhaps the collapse of Western Civilization seems like something to resist, intellectually at least: perish the thought the world as we know it may come to an end! Well, yes, the different subjective realities will have different reactions, but how much happier you will be to "surrender the world to God" (cal. 535, TvF). Moreover, "to forgive and surrender to God" is at 550 (TvF).

At higher levels of consciousness, one is less involved with the world, and so at higher levels what happens in the world matters less, subjectively speaking. According to sages over 700, the world we see doesn't even exist.

At human levels, we register the phenomena of form, project meaning, and experience a single point of view which obscures every other view, the Allness of Reality. This projected assignment of meaning coinciding with a single point of view resists the omniscient Reality, and that is the source of all suffering (statement at 850).

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