"true for now" fifth dimension

About the dimension of the throat chakra.

cal. 570 (this post)

It is said the throat chakra is about expression, but it seems to be far more than that. In my analysis, the throat chakra is one's alignment with "true for now."

In the fifth dimension specifically, "true for now" calibrates at 350, which is the calibrated level of the throat chakra (see Power vs. Force). Outside of the fifth dimension, "true for now" calibrates at 204 (185 - 204). Thus, in dimensions other than the fifth, "true for now" is a paradox, as shown by the calibrated range extending both under and over 200.

The third-eye dimension understands "true for now" as relativism, because truth is known to apply always. However, different dimensions have different rules, which goes a long way to explaining personal and political differences. What is seen as non-integrity from one dimension may be integrous in its own dimension. Then by misperception we vilify the "other" side.

Consider the careers most aligned with "true for now" and the throat chakra. Politicians, actors, activists, lawyers, news media, and salespeople all make their living with words in order to persuade select audiences. For the sake of integrity, they believe what they say in the moment they say it, which is why we believe them, yet their next message may contradict what was said previously. From an absolutist perspective, it may appear to be sociopathic behavior. But in the "true for now" dimension, it is "being in the now."

How is it possible for one to not see self-contradiction in the fifth dimension? Apparently, the "true for now" dimension of expression lacks a past or a future (cal. true, remarkably). However, rather than an "always," there are "moments," not unlike music. For this reason, people in the fifth dimension are puzzled, or at least uninterested, when you confront them with a contradiction of themselves. None of that "history stuff" matters; subjectively, it has passed from experience like the sound of a passing car.

No, in the fifth dimension, what matters is "now," this moment. In this we see the fundamental difference between conservatives and progressives. Conservatives by their nature resist the randomness (204) of trendy "true for now" movements, while progressives embrace them and celebrate them as fashionable, informed and yes, progressive. If mistakes are made, it is presumed they can be corrected with words.

Words as currency

"Words can solve any problem," calibrates at 350 in the fifth dimension. However, outside of the fifth dimension, "words can solve any problem" is at 200: it depends upon the dimension and, naturally, the problem.

Words as currency explains the supreme appeal of diplomacy to progressives in matters of international relations, as well as their horror and disbelief regarding war if negotiation fails.

Conversely, the politically progressive distaste for President Trump was based on his vexing inability to solve problems with his words. To a sane person, he made things worse with his words, particularly his relationship with the news media which couldn't comprehend being called "fake news." A person fixed in the fifth dimension (see careers, above) could only see Trump's errors in the fifth dimension. In this way, Trump was perceived one-dimensionally, despite having successes in other dimensions.

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