The database is growing!

Why you should be a paid-subscriber, searching before making requests, and an answer on the ethics of calibrations by subscription.
The database is growing!

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In two months, the database has grown from zero entries to over 600. While the second month wasn't as productive as the first, my commitment to adding several hundred calibrations each month remains intact. There are new entries (almost) every day, making your paid-subscription worthwhile. Thank you for your attention and support!

Become a paid-subscriber ahead of price increases

If you haven't already, lock in your subscription at the early-adopter price of $5 per month. As the database grows and more information is available, it is foreseeable the subscription price will increase. I encourage you to upgrade your subscription today.

Previously, many calibrations of individuals were available with a free-subscription. In my recent analysis, however, calibrations of people, and especially living people, are of greater significance than merely entertainment or intellectual curiosity. Therefore, it was decided to only offer them to paid-subscribers.

Requests, Search function, and ad-free web browser

Before making a request, please use the search function on the home page, below the banner. Your request may already be in the database! There were multiple requests for Joe Biden, for example. He's been in the database from early on. The Revenant (movie) is also already there and comes up in search. If you don't want ads in the search result, use an ad-blocker or the Brave web browser, which blocks ads natively.

Is charging for a calibration list ethical?

My view is that providing a calibration database is ethically equivalent to selling a book that contains calibration results, but with the advantage of having that book continuously updated, sometimes several times a day. Dr. Hawkins taught each individual has a responsibility to develop his capacities in order to bless the world. So, in my opinion, it would be unethical for me not to offer a database of calibrations. Doing so facilitates my spiritual journey, and I hope it helps you, too!


Brian Gibbs

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