level: the fulfillment of a childhood dream

Calibration of this experience.

statement: immaturity reflects insecurity

The level of correlation between immaturity and insecurity.

homelessness (primary)

In 2005, an estimated 100 million people worldwide were homeless... affected people carry their few possessions with them, sleeping in the streets, in doorways or on piers, or in another space, on a more or less random basis -- wikipedia.

level: it's shameful to be wrong

This positionality is a vulnerability to negative, extra consciousnesses and lower astral takeover. In truth, it's not shameful to be wrong. You'll survive it. In fact, one need not be phased by it at all.

statement: I don't belong to myself

At what level does this apply?

seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses

Request: to see only the pleasant things about a situation and not notice the things that are unpleasant.

Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited, by Sam Vaknin

Request: Tips and advice as well as the most complete clinical background.

William James

Request: was an American philosopher, psychologist, and the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States - wikipedia. In Great Books of the Western World (TvF) his works are calibrated at 490.

T/F: a calm resolution is always possible

With the high capability of 500, a calm resolution is always possible. The level of Love has formidable patience.

sleep paralysis

Priority request: Most people will have an episode of sleep paralysis at least once in their lifetimes... Sleep paralysis is very scary and it can feel like someone is holding you down or you feel as if something evil is watching you and you cannot move.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

"combines the enormous power of eye movements to allow voluntary changes in the client’s mind with well-established therapies like Gestalt, Psychodynamic Therapy and Guided Imagery"

Re-evaluation counseling (modality)

Participants listen to one another in turn and help one other to "discharge" the "hurts" from past experiences. RC theorizes that discharge, which is indicated by processes including crying, laughing, shaking and yawning, will heal a person from emotional trauma -- wikipedia.

level: one considers thoughts to be one's own

By request. How pervasive in consciousness is claiming ownership of thought? See the calibrated range.

statement: a bully only understands force

"bullies are control junkies who only back down if they perceive the other person as being stronger than they are" --

parasocial relationship

Priority request. "A unidirectional, imaginary relationship between a media user and a media personality. Fans imagine they have a close connection to the personality even though the personality has never met them" --