Dr. Hawkins

Doc's relics in Sedona

at Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church columbarium in Sedona. Calibrations per dimension.

fundamentalism about Doc and his teachings

Including "no one may teach what Dr. Hawkins taught" and "David didn't authorize [fill in the blank]," this conceit supposes Doc's work and consciousness calibration ended with his passing.

Doc's belief-canceling technique

"I am an infinite being; I am not subject to that. I am only subject to what I hold in mind. This does not apply to me, and I hereby cancel it and refuse it."

Healing and Recovery, by David R. Hawkins

"These holistic lectures were first presented to a variety of recovery organizations and clinicians from diverse backgrounds. The emphasis is on recovery in its fullest sense - mental, physical, psychological and spiritual" -- amazon.

Veritas Publishing

Original imprint of Dr. Hawkins' books.

Fran Grace

Prominent Hawkins student and professor of religious studies.

"the final run"

Request: Doc mentions the energy of spiritual work becomes stronger and stronger, and there comes a time to really "go for the final run" where you do whatever practice you're doing without exception, all the time.

one loving thought in a day cancels out all the negative ones

Mentioned in The Map of Consciousness Explained.

level: each level of consciousness has its own responsibility

Request: “Dave emphasizes is that one level is not better than another, because each level has its own responsibility,” from MoC Explained

Doc's calibration tested for awareness / motivation in the relevant dimension

Current research into the nature of consciousness calibration reveals Doc's revolutionary and relevatory calibration technique to be a starting point rather than all there is to know about querying the substrate of all existence.

"It is better to be an integrous atheist or agnostic than a nonintegrous religionist"

Request: It’s a bit shocking to me! It’s against the common [norm] in religions. This statement from: I: Reality and Subjectivity.

Power vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins

Calibrated at 850 (awareness) in the book itself.

I: Reality and Subjectivity, by David R. Hawkins

"describes the very substrate and essence of consciousness as it evolved from its primordial appearance as life on earth on up through evolution as the human ego, and hence, to the ego’s transcendence as the spiritual Reality of Enlightenment and the Presence of Divinity" -- amazon.

David R. Hawkins

a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer. The uniqueness of his contribution to humanity comes from the advanced state of spiritual awareness known as "Enlightenment." -- veritaspub.


complete without dependence on external or historical authorities -- Page 192 in Reality, Spirituality, & Modern Man. Priority request.