Dr. Hawkins

T/F: David R. Hawkins energy is 100 % as available as when he was in a physical body

Request: when Doc was alive I would feel saturated with his energy while listening to the lectures but now I don't feel that intensity as much anymore.

"spiritual progress is the result of God's grace and not the result of one's personal endeavors"

Request: [quote] from The Eye of the I, by David R. Hawkins.

Dr. David Hawkins: The Final Doorway (video)

“locate that within yourself now when you don’t need it because final moment arises unannounced,” “unless the fear of absolute death arises that isn’t the final door,” etc.

Dr. David R. Hawkins: The Direct Way to God (YouTube video)

Request: Calibration of the video where doc talks about the way to enlightenment.

Dr. Hawkins' lectures paywall barrier

Request: It makes me sad that my little sisters aren't seeing Dr. Hawkins on TikTok and social media because all of the work is copyrighted. Even though a 30-second clip on TikTok could be taken out of context, to me it still seems better than "they/them" on there spreading narcissism

Just Before You Think a Thought - David R. Hawkins

Calibration of a 3 minute 43 second clip from one of Doc's lectures.

hanging a photo of David R. Hawkins in your house

Request: Hawkins said that energy could be transmitted trough a photo or statue of the teacher. I wonder what the effect of his own photo would be.

David R. Hawkins is the second coming of Christ

Priority request. While Christianity looks for a specific version of Christ's return to the human realm, it nevertheless occurs in various ways outside of the Christian paradigm, as God's mercy is offered independently of religious affiliation.

all answers to "why" are inherently wrong

“We have already seen that there is in fact no 'why' about anything, and in fact you cannot answer any 'why' and still be in reality" -- I: Reality & Subjectivity

"Gloria in Excelsis Deo!"

request: «With the expansion of knowledge to include the nonlinear nonduality of reality, it will become stunningly apparent that the most profound, radically scientific statement that is possible to make is, in fact, “Gloria in Excelsis Deo.”» -- The Eye of the I

Hawkins' mudra

Fingers interlocked as in prayer with index fingers extended and touching. See image.

“If there is God, I ask him for help”

Request: Doc’s last words before enlightenment.

T/F: Doc looks over this community

Request: I’m wondering if Doc is aware of our group. If he is, then I’m sure people would like to know

veneration of Doc (video)

Four-minute video montage of Dr. Hawkins with music by Robert Gass.

quote on heavy metal, rap in The Eye of the I

Priority request: This sounds like a conspiracy theory. I thought this music was created by individuals who themselves live in ignorance and are just angry or whatever this music expresses. Did not think it is used as "deliberate means".