Dr. Hawkins

"to hear about truth is one thing, for it to sink in is another"

Request: Doc's words in a lecture

"You never experience anything, you experience the ego's readout of it..."

Request: [quote from] Doc, Devotional Nonduality Intensive series, Transcending Obstacles lecture, September 2005, part 1, 1h33m.

Is it correct to call Doc "Lord"?

Doc reached the highest level of consciousness possible in our world. Does that make him Lord?

Truth vs. Falsehood, by Dr. Hawkins

At cal. 935 (TvF) at its source, on average, here is the applicability or "whatness" in all dimensions.

surrendering to "what will be will be"

Priority request: I found saying this to myself to be comforting and helpful in dealing with desire, anxiety, and fear of the future not going the way I want it to.

T/F: the journey of enlightenment is not for the faint of heart

"Each step along the way becomes the subject or a state to be surrendered. The search for Truth is not for the faint-hearted, and it presents recurring challenges along the way" --Truth vs. Falsehood

"Nothing is as it can be described..."

"...therefore, all descriptions are what a thing is not." --Dr. Hawkins, The Eye of the I. (Priority request)

mantra: My life is ruled by order and harmony

Suggested by Doc

In the World, But Not of It, by David R. Hawkins

Transforming Everyday Experience into a Spiritual Path. Released March 28, 2023

request: % of CC database subscribers destined for enlightenment

Yep, got permission on this one.

what would Doc do?

Calibration of what Doc would do.

Doc's reading of Psalm 91

Priority request: I listen to this one frequently and it brings me peace. Doc often spoke of his voice having a high calibrating carrier wave and spoke highly of Psalm 91.

statement: Dr. Hawkins doesn't do salvation

request: Is salvation more of a Jesus thing or does it apply to Dr. Hawkins also? 😁

T/F: there is a special heaven for Doc students

A place for us to go, if we align with Doc? --request

The Letting Go Guided Journal

This guided, interactive journal, drawing wisdom from the classic, best-selling book by David Hawkins, is designed to help readers release negativity and find emotional healing --amazon.com