not using your real name in the Database

Request: I've been seeing people without their real names. Is this pride?

being overweight and not trying to be a healthy weight

vs. being a healthy weight. By request.

statement: it is self-hating to stay in a situation that doles out abuse in any form

Request: I am considering leaving a job with an abusive boss and was wondering if I'm only staying for self hating reasons. It seems possible, because financially I will be fine if I leave.

“going the extra mile”

Request: The doorway to the 300s? “To be willing to make a special effort to do or achieve something” — collins dictionary.

making the recorded lectures of David R. Hawkins freely available

Should Veritas do this? Request: The recorded material we have of Doc is invaluable, making it publicly available could help spread his wisdom and benefits many.

an active interest in politics

Request: I feel that the whole political stuff is kind of fake... I don't feel that if I go to vote [for] someone who I know only from the media will change the world or even my country for the better. I would like to know if my attitude is... just false positionality.

asking God to help others

Request: When you see the suffering of another person, ask God to help them. Is it good to do it or is it better to believe that God will help them anyways and not pray for them?

cheering your own post / comment

Request: I don't understand why the option is there?

talking to the deceased while visiting graves

Request: Mere grief or something higher?

being busy, staying busy

Request: As in, having many practical affairs to attend to; or giving oneself many practical affairs to attend to.

"beating around the bush"

Request: Instead of just being direct. Sometimes you really do just need to "spell it out" for someone. This applies in many contexts, from romantic to business. On the surface, it seems like it could be viewed as a mild form of manipulation.

biting the hand that feeds you

Calibrating at 160 [awareness, motivation] in Truth vs. Falsehood, the behavior is ascribed to "loss of reality testing." Yes. However, considering its extremely low context, the underlying source of the behavior appears to be that of resentment.

mindfulness of speech

Request: asking oneself if what one is about to say is true? Kind? Necessary? etc…

"down to earth"

A realistic approach to apparent problems.

jumping to a false conclusion

Leaving out essential context and deciding.