revenge bedtime procrastination

Request: the act of deliberately putting off sleep in favor of leisure activities". Late at night it's finally quiet and the world is on pause. Can't miss this time regardless of whether I need to get up early next morning. Is the net effect of this behavior positive of negative?


"an inner impediment to free activity, expression, or functioning" --

approval seeking

request: After switching my thinking to do things for me, my anxiety went away about having to do things to make other people "happy" or seek their approval.

being read-only in the community and database

Request: Reading everything but not engaging in discussions. Feeling that whatever one might have to say is unnecessary and redundant.

swallowing your pride

to decide to do something although it will make you feel embarrassed or ashamed --

cheering your own post / comment

Request: I don't understand why the option is there?

laughing at a dirty or vulgar joke

Priority request: Sometimes I laugh at them and feel guilty

learning from your mistakes

Are mistakes just valuable life lessons?

accommodating the spiritual ego of others

Letting them have the "win."


underhanded or unscrupulous behavior --

sunk-cost fallacy

"the phenomenon whereby a person is reluctant to abandon a strategy or course of action because they have invested heavily in it, even when it is clear that abandonment would be more beneficial" -- Google dictionary


request: I've noticed I have and aversion towards slouching, but that's maybe not too helpful

loss of character

request: acting or behaving uncharacteristically

setting intentions every morning

A way of correcting and setting the compass of spiritual will?

doing something while knowing that it is below 200

Request: Not as a spiritual practice. In other worlds, not ignorance, but knowing and doing it anyway.