intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. --wikipedia

seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses

Request: to see only the pleasant things about a situation and not notice the things that are unpleasant.

grown men wearing people's jerseys

The jerseys of famous sports players, I presume. Calibrated by request.

directing eyes to women's shapes

Request: What does consciousness say about it? Adding contexts: being in a relationship vs. not being in a relationship

wanting for others the same things you want for yourself

Priority request: I thought this might be a constructive heart alignment for those of us who are already doing pretty good with self love. By "the same things" I don't necessarily mean only physical stuff although it certainly includes that. I also mean positive emotions, connection with God, etc.

coffee badging

Requests: the practice of showing up at your physical workplace to interact with coworkers just long enough to establish that you showed up, before leaving to get your real work done from home.

keeping low-calibrating hobbies (under 200)

Request: For example, playing video games is only cal. 205 as an activity and games themselves typically don't calibrate high. Should we let them be, or does it hinder our spiritual progress?


Priority request: As in, wallowing in self pity or sadness. Resisting happiness by being attached to the perverse pleasure of a negative emotional state.

reflecting on past mistakes

Request: Mistakes made years and even decades ago sometimes resurface in my mind, leading me to inadvertently reflect on them over and over. Is it constructive?

leaving the TV on for background noise

Request: Some people can't bear silence and feel the need to fill it with something.

giving Jesus an applause

Request: We do it in church. The intention is good, but I find it quite awkward.

fear of missing out (fomo)

"associated with a fear of regret, which may lead to concerns that one might miss an opportunity for social interaction, a novel experience, a memorable event, profitable investment or the comfort of those you love and who love you back" -- wikipedia.

wearing strong perfume

Request: Ever had that one coworker?

Not having "favorites" - e.g. song, color, food, movie, sports team, etc.

Where does this put you on the map of consciousness?

keeping the sabbath

Request: [including] to rest from labor on Sunday.