Request: to appear behind or in front of someone when their photograph is being taken, often doing something silly such as making a funny face.

doing something with the intention to build good karma

Priority request. Considering spiritual impact in your decisions.


Level of this activity, by request.

Nordic bath: alternating hot and cold water therapy

Priority request: I’m wondering about the benefits of cycling between hot (sauna, steam or hot tub) & cold (bath or lake), alternating back & forth a few times. Many claim it’s beneficial for lymphatic drainage, circulation, metabolism & the nervous system.

therapeutic journaling

Priority request. An "internal process of using the written word to express the full range of emotions, reactions and perceptions we have related to difficult, upsetting, or traumatic life events" -- see PDF

being at the wrong place at the wrong time

"in a situation where something bad happens to you because you are unlucky, not because you do anything wrong" --

backpacking (travel)

low-cost, independent travel, which often includes staying in inexpensive lodgings and carrying all necessary possessions in a backpack -- wikipedia


A stage of growth between Courage and Trust.

praying by schedule

Request: For example, deciding to pray every day in the morning and before bed – and following the schedule without ever forgetting.

haunted attractions (simulated)

Request: A popular attraction around this time of year, with the goal of being as scary as possible. I'll be attending one tonight hoping to surrender fear as much as I can.


implies responsibility for initiating or encouraging someone else's action and usually suggests dubious or underhanded intent --

going to church on Sunday

One of the most popular spiritual practices in the world.

having one’s LoC calibrated

Priority request: I have no idea what my personal LoC is. I pray I am at 200. As a spiritual student of Doc and Brian Gibbs, I am wondering if it is to the highest good to know my personal calibration so I can measure progress (or lack of) over time?


Request: Scammers prey on naïve people and swindle them into giving up goods, usually cash. Phishing for credit card info is one of the most common.

visualizing being at the Columbarium with Doc

Priority request: For some Hawkins students, probably, the Columbarium is their happy place. What is the level of going to your happy place in this instance?