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In the World, But Not of It, by David R. Hawkins

Transforming Everyday Experience into a Spiritual Path. Released March 28, 2023

"you are not the only one going through this"

request: perhaps a helpful reminder for hard times

Lynda Cramer (NDE survivor) video

Clinically Dead 14 Minutes; Doctor Spends 5 Years In The Afterlife --youtube

collecting alimony

Request: in the context of divorce

Dance of the Druids (music)

from Outlander: Season 1, Vol. 1 (Original Television Soundtrack). Video embedded.

Separation of State and Economics (Proposed US Constitutional Amendment)

a completely, purely laissez-faire and free capitalist economy, (which has not ever existed or been tried in any country in world history), would prevent and abolish all forms of governmental intervention, regulation, and control over the economy --request

Ark of the Covenant

an alleged artifact believed to be the most sacred relic of the Israelites, which is described as a wooden chest, covered in pure gold, with an elaborately designed lid called the mercy seat --wikipedia

pathway of surrender

Surrender as a spiritual pathway

Awake: It’s your turn, by Angelo Dilullo

The book offers “a practical set of tools and investigations that allow you to access, realize, and actualize your pristine, undivided nature”.

Lester Levenson

Originator of the Sedona Method technique

universal basic services

Unconditional access to a range of free, basic public services, such as shelter, sustenance, health care and education, funded by taxes and provided by a government or public institution --wikipedia

Ignorantia juris non excusat

Latin for "ignorance of the law cannot be an excuse."

statement: returning to God is inevitable

There is no falsehood in this. It is true from the perspective of Love. I suppose Love is what facilitates it and reifies it as an actuality.

kindness towards all of life, in all its expressions

request: I think Dr. Hawkins once mentioned that this was all you had to do, in order to get enlightened

Swiss Army knife

as a drop-point main blade plus other blades and tools such as screwdrivers, a can opener, a saw blade, a pair of scissors, and many others. These are stowed inside the handle of the knife through a pivot point mechanism --wikipedia