Political Commentators list

Political Commentators list

40 calibrations from Thomas Sowell and Victor Davis Hanson to Joy Behar, Chelsea Handler and Aylssa Milano. Level of commentary, not personal LoC.
Political Commentators list

For the convenience of paid-subscribers, the all calibrations are available in one place (scroll to bottom). Names may also be searched in the greater database. For many commentators, there is a link to their writings. These are the commentators calibrated:

Alan Keyes
Alyssa Milano
Ann Coulter
Ben Shapiro
Bill Maher
Bill O'Reilly
Camille Paglia
Candace Owens
Chelsea Handler
Chuck Todd
Conrad Black
Daniel J. Flynn
David Catron
Dennis Prager
Dick Morris
Dinesh D’Souza
Dov Fischer
George Stephanopoulos
George Will
Jim Geraghty
Joe Rogan
Joy Behar
Joy Pullmann
Juan Williams
Julie Kelly
Kevin D. Williamson
Kyle Smith
Mark R. Levin
Mark Steyn
Maureen Dowd
Michael Medved
Michelle Malkin
Mollie Hemingway
Peggy Noonan
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Rachel Maddow
Roger Kimball
Scott McKay
Shelby Steele
Thomas Sowell
Tucker Carlson
Victor Davis Hanson

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