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Judge Juan Merchan

He is an acting justice of the New York State Supreme Court in New York County (Manhattan). He presided over the 2024 criminal trial of former US president Donald Trump, in which Trump was convicted -- wikpedia.

Trump guilty verdict in historic New York hush money case

Request: A New York jury on Thursday found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records — the first time a former U.S. president has been convicted of a crime.


"a segment of conservatives who support extreme right-wing ideologies, including white nationalism and antisemitism" -- (The topic was calibrated without this definition, but it fits).

Western Lensman's Warning to America

25 Ways the US is Being Destroyed Explained in Under 2 Minutes, video on X (Twitter). Priority request.

activist judges

"Legislating from the bench” or not operating in good faith. What is the percentage of activist judges in the USA? Priority request.

Christopher F. Rufo

Priority request: an academic in the same vein as James Lindsay who is pushing back against things like DEI and all forms of Communism.

"tax the rich"

Marxist political slogan and, given its low calibration, effectively a veiled incitement to violence, the capability of which eschews the work and personal responsibility inherent in individual prosperity.

Donald Trump

His opponents focus on his low-end range, his boosters on the high-end. Sensible people see a mixture of integrity and non-integrity, but where does it land overall? Calibration shows the current average.

Joe Biden

"January 6th and the lies about the 2020 election, and the plots to steal the election, posed the gravest threat to our democracy since the Civil War" -- Biden's 2024 State of the Union address. Interestingly, either political party could agree this, but for different reasons.

American State Nationals movement

Request: people revoking their U.S. Citizenship and becoming a national of the state they were born in. They claim that the U.S. govt that is running our nation is a corporation.

We've Got Issues, by Phil McGraw

How You Can Stand Strong for America's Soul and Sanity (subtitle). "come home to our core values, fortify our families, and re-embrace self-determination and self-governance." Priority request.

effect of illegal immigrant population in the US

Request: Overall having positive or negative impact?

Blood Money, by Peter Schweizer

Request: His next major book on Joe Biden, his family, & other politicians who are benefitting from an illegal relationship with China & other foreign actors.

Republican Party voters

Aggregate level of consciousness of these voters in the USA. Truth vs. Falsehood (2005) lists them at 405.

Democratic Party voters

Aggregate level of consciousness of these voters in the USA. Truth vs. Falsehood (2005) lists them at 325.