natural and artificial sweeteners
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natural and artificial sweeteners

14 calibrations: sugar, corn syrup, HFCS, maple syrup, honey, molasses, stevia, monk fruit extract, xylitol, erythritol, saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, fructose
natural and artificial sweeteners

Commentary: Presumably, over 200 is naturally satisfying, while under 200 feels empty. The amount of sweetener in proportion to your food may change the calibration of the end product.

honey 209

molasses 203

maple syrup 201

xylitol (natural extract) 199

fructose 198

monk fruit extract 195

erythritol (natural extract) 192

stevia (natural extract) 191

sugar (sucrose) 188

corn syrup 183

high fructose corn syrup 175

saccharin (Sweet’N Low) 165

aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) 155

sucralose (Splenda) 155