Nargis Alegria (spiritual teacher)

Request: claims to be liberated... posts a lot online about feminine and masculine energies, liberation, new earth, breatherianism etc... Just wondering if her pathway and similar ones are to be followed or not. It’s very hard to tell for me.
Nargis - Unconditional Freedom
What’s been looked for is right here…It’s This!The appearing screen, reading these words... the eyes winking…‍It’s too simple, and therefore, overlooked.‍ So we read books about enlightenment,listen to speakers of Non-duality,try finding - the freedom of This - with practices...And... become tired a…

Note on spiritual teachers

Spiritual teachers often have high energy corresponding to high beliefs. With this self-esteem, they are charismatic. They may even be psychic, or a conduit for miracles, but these are functions of energy, only, and not indicative of a level of consciousness, as consciousness is not set by belief.

Likewise, a teacher may present and expound upon what is actually beyond himself, beyond his holistic evolution. If so, his teachings are theoretical and appeal to the intellect, compelling and satisfying though the ideas may be. The mind loves theory, but consciousness is not set by mentalization.

The all-dimensions calibration indicates the average level of a teacher's integration of his own teachings. It is his or her evolution in all-dimensions, or chakras, from the crown to the root. Some teachers are advanced in the heart or the third-eye or the thymus (which is the seat of psychic powers), while others may be oriented strongly to the solar plexus and success in this world. The all-dimensions calibration considers all of these holistically.

A teacher may be far progressed in one dimension, but this can be offset by lack of progress in other dimensions. If so, there is imbalance, impracticability, or lack of refinement in their wisdom, which incurs a lower overall calibration result.

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