Masafumi Nagasaki (update)

Naked hermit of a solitary Japanese island, Sotobanari. Although Nagasaki simply wanted to be alone, his aura attracted visitors to whom he gave spiritual teachings. He was removed from the island by the government in 2018. He's since returned.


"Once one perceives the blessings concealed within our current catastrophic planetary situation, anxiety and dismay both fall away. The dying world will be reborn in celestial splendor—if we create that destiny."

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Her popular online programs based on her books have attracted many to become certified coaches of her work --books.google.com

Anthony William

Also known as the Medical Medium. Calibrated as a teacher.

Sri Prem Baba (update)

A Brazilian guru integrating the truths of various spiritual traditions and psychology. Calibrated as a spiritual teacher.

A. H. Almaas

According to his followers, he teaches "a form of spiritual psychotherapy which seeks to heal the wounds of the soul by reconnecting it to Spirit" --wikipedia

Meher Baba

Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar, or God in human form, of the age. Died in 1969 --wikipedia

Robert Smalley

Claim: Robert is fully acknowledged and empowered as a true teacher of natural spiritual truth by his own spiritual attainment, rather than by external authority. He is a model of spiritual achievement through spiritual self-cultivation.

Gregg Braden

known for his appearances in Ancient Aliens and his show Missing Links, and other publications linking science and spirituality --wikipedia

Maria Sabina, shaman

contributed to the popularization of indigenous Mexican ritual use of entheogenic mushrooms among westerners, though this was not her intent --wikipedia

Kazuaki Tanahashi

Zen master calligrapher, author and translator of Dogen calibrated as a teacher (and not for his political views).

Adi Da Samraj

Request: declared that he was a uniquely historic avatar and that the practice of devotional recognition-response to him, in conjunction with most fundamental self-understanding, was the sole means of awakening to seventh stage spiritual enlightenment for others

Chögyam Trungpa

a preeminent teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, Chogyam Trungpa was a major figure in the dissemination of Buddhism in the West, founding Vajradhatu and Naropa University and establishing the Shambhala Training method --wikipedia

Dan Peña

Dan Pena, Trillion-Dollar Man, "the Executive High Performance Super Success Coach" --his website. Calibrated as a teacher.

Baba Vanga

a Bulgarian mystic and herbalist... In the late 1970s and 1980s, she had become widely known in the Eastern Europe for her alleged abilities of clairvoyance and precognition --wikipedia.