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cal. 500

All-Dimensions calibration

Calibrated in all dimensions, the result is a holistic synthesis of all inputs, the end result, or "whatness." This is in contrast to the standard Hawkins' calibration which targets the trigger point, the source, initial motivation, or "whyness" in the dimension of relevance (DR).

But staying is at 555, all-dimensions (AD), the level of devotion. Indeed, as of today, the Community (cal. 580 AD) and Database (cal. 600 AD), are devotional undertakings dedicated to and underpinned by Doc's teachings, including consciousness calibration.

Both the Database and the Community provide original insight and encouragement on the spiritual path in the profound context set forth by Dr. Hawkins, for which there is eternal gratitude. There isn't another place on the Internet one can visit for what is offered in these spaces.

If you find joy in the Database or Community, I encourage you to add a comment, below. Blessings. 🙏💛

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