Alternative to enforcement of vaccination

Alternative to enforcement of vaccination

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Alternative to enforcing vaccination on a population plus additional points on approach:

1. Allow for evidence based prescriptions for re-purposed drugs such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine + zinc. As well as additional supplementation for increased immunity.

2. Moderate vaccination with proper informed consent and prophylactic treatment available for all. Provide the public with unbiased information about the current vaccines and alternative treatments their benefits and risks (known and potential) as well as how they are made (this is important ethically and for some religious people). Accept that there is a virus that is shown to be life threatening and lethal. Accept also that people are going to build a natural immunity to this virus and it’s variation strains. Viruses can tend to get more infectious but less deadly over time. Also understand that vaccines as good as they are, are only experimental methods and both their short as well as their long term effects are unknown. They could quite possibly make things worse if they encourage virus mutations too quickly. Even still, they are good starts and can be used moderately, especially with those people who are in vulnerable categories. Everyone else would likely benefit from being provided prophylactic treatment and having this made available.

3. Be transparent about all the emerging facts. For example; potential risks of a greater pandemic and also of other points including natural immunity post-infection (ie; rather than suppress other view points and scientific, rational and logical thinking, allow for them, so as to find the most appropriate common agreement points and plan with this in mind (thereby reducing oppositional and polarisation of thinking due to extreme/entrenched positions).

4. Put a lock down on excessive lockdowns. Recognise the concerns that excessive isolation potentially has on overall health, happiness, human immunity and psycho-social interactions both long, medium and short term. Do proper testing on mask usage and include psychological health assessments on mask wearing as well. Much of our communication is via face recognition and is non-verbal. Human life should be shared and celebrated.  People have the right to celebrate their religious beliefs and attend public worship for their religion.

5. Be alert to Messianic Narcissistic Leadership. Stop trying to play ‘God’ in thinking that one group or person knows only what is best. Instead admit to ourselves that we don’t actually know very much at this point, that there is a lot of multi-faceted data points that ought to be examined and weighted proportionately on an ongoing basis. New evidence is continuing to emerge from different reliable sources and they should not be marginalised but included and integrated.

6. Stop political and media fear mongering. Breeding fear into a population is below the line and is really a breeding ground for psychosomatic illness. It’s purpose is emotional manipulation to enforce compliance. Rather focus on constructive, innovative  and realistic approaches to dealing with the problem. Use human ingenuity via capitalism as the tool to manoeuvre adaptive approaches. There is ultimately no simple solution. Allow the economy to be operational and allow for people to go to work without needing to be tested.

7. If you are sick then respect the wellness of other people. Obviously, no one should be working with symptoms and these people ought to stay away from everyone until they are symptom free (this is called common sense, normal behaviour and basic decency).

8. Care for the vulnerable. Elderly and vulnerable people ought to be either vaccinated and/or given prophylactic treatment and they should also be given the option to have basic goods delivered to them such as food. Provide medical care to the elderly by people who are properly protected/tested.

9. Increase funding to where it is needed. Hospitals and staff as well as to those who are unemployed. Help them to get work and help them build an economy likely to collapse due to excessive lockdowns.

10. Respect the basic rights of human beings. No matter what country you live in, this is a basic human right. No one should ever be subjected to scientific or experimental treatment against their own consent (informed or otherwise).

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