40 affirmations for self-esteem

"That'll be a dollar." Lol, no you can have them for free.

positionalities on self-esteem

We can cultivate higher energy (with corresponding life success) by removing our programmed blocks to higher energy. The statements, below, can be affirmed as true (they are true), and then you notice and process out your resistance to them. Switch the phrasing between "self-esteem" and "energy" or "power" to draw out beliefs that block.

If you're interested, I'd suggest starting with lower numbers and working your way up. It will help if you're truly dedicated to higher energy as a way of honoring God, have reverence for the process, self-honesty and no sense of urgency. Obviously, God is the source of energy, and it is essential to intend it for God's glory rather than for personal gain, i.e., Gloria in excelsis Deo.

My self-esteem/energy does NOT depend on...

the stars or planets 230
the weather 240
the ego 250
my physical body 250
my performance at work 265
communication skills 270
my accomplishments 270
productivity 270
my sense of humor 275
getting likes 275
my personality 280
my children's behavior 285
how much (love) I give 290
where I live 290
coffee 299
social status 300
positive feedback (or any feedback) 300
approval 300
my income 310
my physical appearance 310
someone else's anger/upset 340
my identity 350
being right/smart 350
socialization 355
sex 370
permission / obedience 385
being loved 390
physical affection 400
effort 405
my physical health 425
my mental health 430
sleep 450
my blood sugar level 460
conditions 500
my level of consciousness 500
the outer world 505
spiritual progress 515
morality 540
food/sustenance 550
anything 599

My self-esteem/energy does not depend on morality 540

Our conditions for self-esteem are laid bare by this statement that asserts there are no moral conditions for power in this world. Given the seeming contradiction with religious teachings, resistance is inevitable and indicative of the restrictions we place on ourselves for power in this world. Self-esteem is not actually a contradiction of spirituality, but it is cultivated independently. Self-esteem is the energy. Spirituality is how we use it.

Energy at 200 and at 540 are vastly different levels, which are different realities, worlds apart, with no reconciliation possible. Though the mind will project itself and try to imagine life at higher levels, energy at 540 is beyond comprehension for all but psychics, siddhis and sages. For them, the miraculous is normal rather than mystical. They see, I presume, life unfolding effortlessly with little to no resistance.

How uncomfortable we can be about a reality we don't understand, and how quick to make it wrong. In this we see how our particular resistance to higher energy sets our experience. Without removing additional blocks, we gravitate to our comfort level, and therein lies our payoff, e.g. "I prefer the way I see things. Miracles are not for me, personally."

The spiritual ego places spiritual worth on morality, and this provides that we feel guilt and shame for sin, irresponsibility, immaturity, etc. We suppose (erroneously) that deeply negative experiences are necessary for spiritual progress. Is it true that positive change requires misery? Recall that a decent regret (cal. 230 by my test) is enough to change course and correct an error.

In the end, self-esteem is an attribute of divinity which is innate within us. Therefore there is no condition for its realization, yet somehow we have a ton of conditions. It's life changing just to remove one block to our true nature.

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