YouTube channels

Grandpa Kitchen (YouTube)

This channel has millions of views and it's about making large amounts of food and donating to charities. The guys seem to have lots of positive energy and it's for a good cause. --request

Cozy Apartment (YouTube)

relaxing computer animated videos of luxury apartments, often accompanied by soft jazz music --request

Jason Gregory (YouTube channel)

Jason Gregory is an author, philosopher, and spiritual teacher specializing in Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, psychology, cognitive science, metaphysics, and ancient cultures --channel. 8 million views.

wheres981 (underground racing)

Dashcam videos of high-speed driving on public roads, as if in a video game, posted on YouTube. 135K subscribers.

Honest Trailers

"Enjoy our warped take on film & TV with a steady stream of pop-culture parody"

Full Episode: The Warning Signs Of Narcissists: Are They In Your Life?

ego-inflationary life advice from The Mel Robbins Show that is itself narcissistic, with 837,000 views on YouTube

Rational Male clips (on YouTube)

YouTube channel that mostly speaks on the modern dating sphere --request

Robert Morse, ND (YouTube channel)

Approaching 50 years of practice, his groundbreaking work and unparalleled tissue specific formulas have helped thousands overcome virtually any condition or serious illness; most of which mainstream medicine labels ‘incurable.’ --channel

Alex Wilson (YouTube channel)

"christian family man" with 112 million views

Spirituality Zone

Request: this YouTube channel spreads energies with beautiful music and claims that energy can do a lot of positive changes

The Comments Section with Brett Cooper

A female version of Ben Shapiro dishing out rapid-fire political commentary on YouTube to nearly one-million subscribers.

Spirit Science / Spiritverse

"a new paradigm of reality where Magic is Real, and the fullness of Spirit is available to each soul who connects with it" --the YouTube channel

Dr. John Campbell (YouTube channel)

2.41m subscribers... enjoy his content as he endeavours to present medical data that is often unaddressed in mainstream media in an objective and educational manner --request

DoctorRamani (YouTube channel)

Topic: narcissism in relationships, the workplace, families, etc.

Dan Lok (YouTube channel)

Dan Lok is one of the most recognized entrepreneur mentors in the world, having built a coaching + consulting enterprise that has collectively sold over $100+ million dollars worth of coaching programs, digital courses and high-value services online. --channel