YouTube channels

Meditation Nexus (YouTube Channel)

Request: I had some profound experiences with the meditations on this channel, and I'm wondering how it calibrates.

After Skool (YouTube channel)

Request: Covers lots of spiritual topics, seems positive.

Peter Santenello (YouTube channel)

"I make videos showing you a world that the media fails to capture. No BS polarization or political angle—just pure authentic interactions with the locals."

BeardMeatsFood (YouTube channel)

"Bearded eating feats of monumental proportions! Love big eating? You're in the right place; so click the subscribe button and join me on my journey to gluttonous glory!" -- channel

Nas Daily (YouTube channel)

Request: A vlogger introducing the world. His Israeli-Palestinian background seems important for current events now. His videos are enlightening, but are they really positive?

Hot Ones (hot sauce YouTube series)

Priority request. Celebrities sample hot wings with increasing heat and try to guess the brand. Some exasperated swearing may be involved (but not in the episode embedded, here).

Magnify the Love (YouTube channel)

Priority request: The channel consists of short, animated episodes on surrendering various aspects of human life to Jesus Christ. Each episode contains a few Bible verses to drive the point home.

The Other Side NDE (YouTube channel)

Priority request: I've watched many NDE accounts from this channel and each account appears to be sincere. They are also very consistent and have a "ring of truth".

Yes Theory (YouTube channel)

"We believe that life's greatest moments and deepest connections exist outside your comfort zone." 8.48 million subscribers

Dry Creek Wrangler School (YouTube channel)

Dewayne has been living the horse life for over 30 years... As a Christian with a varied and unique history in the ministry, and a sometime law enforcement officer, he also brings these life experiences to the table -- channel

Sexual Quantum Leap

Request: Said to combine spirituality and sexuality. YouTube channel: "We’re on a mission to help men overcome performance anxiety and sexual shame so they can give women amazing sexual experiences."

HowToBasic (YouTube channel)

Zany instructions on how-to projects ranging from making the perfect pizza to "how to revive a fish" that inevitably take an unpredictable turn for the worst. 3.6 billion views on YouTube.

Nick Keomahavong (YouTube channel)

previously a practicing psychotherapist, has been ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk in Thailand since 2018. His channel capture his unique perspective by interweaving the tools of the mental health world and the wisdom of Buddhism into simple and practical guides to healing --channel

Alex Hormozi YouTube channel

"I talk about how to get more customers, make more per customer, and keep them coming back, and the many failures and lessons we have learned along the way to $100M+ in sales." 83 million views.

NTD News

"We remain free from all external influence—whether from political, financial, or special interests, and cover stories that others don’t. Our arts and lifestyle programs embody universal values, and celebrate the best of humanity’s culture and traditions" --YouTube channel