YouTube channels

Dry Creek Wrangler School (YouTube channel)

Dewayne has been living the horse life for over 30 years... As a Christian with a varied and unique history in the ministry, and a sometime law enforcement officer, he also brings these life experiences to the table -- channel

Sexual Quantum Leap

Request: Said to combine spirituality and sexuality. YouTube channel: "We’re on a mission to help men overcome performance anxiety and sexual shame so they can give women amazing sexual experiences."

HowToBasic (YouTube channel)

Zany instructions on how-to projects ranging from making the perfect pizza to "how to revive a fish" that inevitably take an unpredictable turn for the worst. 3.6 billion views on YouTube.

Nick Keomahavong (YouTube channel)

previously a practicing psychotherapist, has been ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk in Thailand since 2018. His channel capture his unique perspective by interweaving the tools of the mental health world and the wisdom of Buddhism into simple and practical guides to healing --channel

Alex Hormozi YouTube channel

"I talk about how to get more customers, make more per customer, and keep them coming back, and the many failures and lessons we have learned along the way to $100M+ in sales." 83 million views.

NTD News

"We remain free from all external influence—whether from political, financial, or special interests, and cover stories that others don’t. Our arts and lifestyle programs embody universal values, and celebrate the best of humanity’s culture and traditions" --YouTube channel

Harry Mack (YouTube channel)

"known for his unique, jaw-dropping visual freestyle rapping... His unique approach to hip-hop revolves around the spirit of rhythmic improv" --channel

Great Meditation (YouTube channel)

Feel the release as you let go and surrender to the moment. This 10 minute guided meditation will guide you into a relaxing surrendered state as you totally let go. Becoming one with the present moment feels so good! --channel

Justin Hawkins Rides Again

"Here I talk about new music, very old music, the music industry and what's going in the world of rock and roll in general"

asking to "like, comment, subscribe" on YouTube, etc.

Request: content creators ask the audience to like and subscribe to the channel for the YouTube algorithm... Perhaps due to the ~190 YouTube algorithm, they're playing the game at that level?

Three Anomaly (YouTube channel)

Indonesia language channel in which the hosts claim to have met with many entities, ranging from what we call Devils, Angels, Higher Beings/Holy Spirit, gods in other realms, souls, etc. --by request

Nathaniel Drew (YouTube channel)

"I'm a writer and filmmaker exploring the full range of the human experience." 1.62 million subscribers.

Branch Education (YouTube channel)

in-depth engineering and technology education

Grandpa Kitchen (YouTube)

This channel has millions of views and it's about making large amounts of food and donating to charities. The guys seem to have lots of positive energy and it's for a good cause. --request

Cozy Apartment (YouTube)

relaxing computer animated videos of luxury apartments, often accompanied by soft jazz music --request