"a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons" -- merriam-webster.com

purpose / goal

Request: I feel lack of purpose and I’m wondering what is the loc of purpose/goal. Maybe it is not necessary in life?


an uncontrolled situation in which people do what they want because there are no limits to stop them or the guidelines are ignored to appease an indivdual without regard for the group --request

extraversion, introversion

"Extraversion tends to be manifested in outgoing, talkative, energetic behavior, whereas introversion is manifested in more reflective and reserved behavior" -- wikipedia.org

going down the rabbit hole

“To enter into a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds” — collinsdictionary.com

knock on wood

"said in order to avoid bad luck, either when you mention good luck that you have had in the past or when you mention hopes you have for the future" -- Cambridge dictionary


“something so simple or obvious that you do not need to think much about it” — Cambridge dictionary


A cutting, often ironic remark intended to express contempt or ridicule --American Heritage Dictionary


A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever --American Heritage Dictionary


"offering or permitting no choice" -- merriam-webster.com

path of least resistance

“The thing, option, or course of action that is easiest to do; that which avoids confrontation, difficulty, awkwardness, or tension.” — thefreedictionary.com


unreasonable or extravagant overstating or overdrawing in the representation of things --the Century Dictionary


systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions by means of symbols --britannica.com


a lot like the word it comes from, investigationem meaning "a searching into," which came from the Latin for "to track a footprint." It's exactly what you do when you investigate -- vocabulary.com


"a person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others through resentful or overly sober behavior" -- Google dictionary