US Government

George Washington

1st President of the United States. He was calibrated for social impact at 455, in Truth vs. Falsehood.

Brett Kavanaugh (US Supreme Court justice)

has come to be regarded... as a swing vote on the Court. Kavanaugh became the "median justice" of the U.S. Supreme Court in 2021 according to a study by professors at three prominent law schools -- wikipedia

Ketanji Brown Jackson (US Supreme Court justice)

Sworn into office June 30, 2022... She is the first Black woman and the first former federal public defender to serve on the Supreme Court -- wikipedia

Amy Coney Barrett (US Supreme Court justice)

The fifth woman to serve on the court, she was nominated by President Donald Trump and has served since October 27, 2020 -- wikipedia

John Roberts (US Supreme Court chief justice)

He has shown a willingness to work with the Supreme Court's liberal bloc, and, from the retirement of Anthony Kennedy in 2018 to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2020, he had been regarded as the primary swing vote on the Court -- wikipedia

Clarence Thomas (US Supreme Court justice)

Since the death of Antonin Scalia, Thomas has been the Court's foremost originalist, stressing the original meaning in interpreting the Constitution... He is widely considered the Court's most conservative member -- wikipedia

Sonia Sotomayor (US Supreme Court justice)

declined to recuse herself from multiple copyright infringement cases involving book publisher Penguin Random House despite having been paid millions by the firm for her books

The Biden Economy and How It Could Be Fixed (article)

With abundant energy and a vibrant workforce, we could make significant headway against inflation and quickly improve the lives of the American people

number of illegal residents in the United States

How porous are US borders? And how poorly is immigration law enforced?

number of illegal votes in 2020 US Presidential balloting

What was the scope of voting fraud, by calibration?

XKeyscore (NSA internet surveillance system)

used as a part of the National Security Agency's lawful foreign signals intelligence collection system... to legally obtain information about legitimate foreign intelligence targets --wikipedia, citing NSA statement

Biden's State of the Union speech 2023

Again this year, the truth does not outweigh the falsehood.

T/F: Joe Biden has committed treason against the United States

In the US Constitution, treason is... levying war against the U.S., or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort --wikipedia. Request: allegedly Biden is treasonous due to his dealings with Communist China.

How the CDC Became the Speech Police

The federal government shaped the rules of online discussion in unprecedented and unnerving ways

$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill (US gov. funding for 2023)

The legislation, which provides $773 billion for non-defense discretionary spending and $858 billion for defense spending, marks victories for both parties.