US Government

FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home

FBI agents executed a search warrant on Monday at Donald Trump’s private residence... The raid was reportedly part of an investigation into whether the former president mishandled classified information after leaving the White House --


Priority request. What percentage of the US Congress (House and Senate) is influenced by blackmail?

activist judges

"Legislating from the bench” or not operating in good faith. What is the percentage of activist judges in the USA? Priority request.

effect of illegal immigrant population in the US

Request: Overall having positive or negative impact?

US Government (Federal)

With calibrations of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

National Security Agency (NSA)

"U.S. intelligence agency within the Department of Defense that is responsible for cryptographic and communications intelligence and security" --

"known gotaway"

Priority request: a person who has entered the U.S. illegally and has not been apprehended by customs or border patrol officers.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Not quite the model of efficiency.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

a civilian foreign intelligence service of the federal government of the United States, officially tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world... and conducting covert action through its Directorate of Operations -- wikipedia

US Social Security system

Request: Is it a net positive, net negative or neutral phenomenon?

Barack Obama

44th President of the United States. In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017.

T/F: US agencies played a part in founding and funding ISIS

Oh those US agencies and their warped geopolitics...

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introductory Programming Manual

"The [1986] manual outlines a plan to control the masses through manipulation of industry, education and politics, and to divert the public's attention from what is really going on. Surprisingly, it is claimed that much of what is outlined has come to pass" -- amazon

number of Islamic terrorists currently in the US

Request: With the US border being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants entering the country, many Americans fear that we don't know who these individuals are & the probability of some of them being terrorists is likely.

Matt Gaetz (politician)

Request: Republican member of the US House of Representatives. He filed the resolution to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker.