US Government

T/F: Joe Biden has committed treason against the United States

In the US Constitution, treason is... levying war against the U.S., or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort --wikipedia. Request: allegedly Biden is treasonous due to his dealings with Communist China.

How the CDC Became the Speech Police

The federal government shaped the rules of online discussion in unprecedented and unnerving ways

$1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill (US gov. funding for 2023)

The legislation, which provides $773 billion for non-defense discretionary spending and $858 billion for defense spending, marks victories for both parties.

Federal Reserve (US banking system)

Congress established three key objectives for monetary policy in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913: maximizing employment, stabilizing prices, and moderating long-term interest rates --wikipedia

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Became US law August 16, 2022.

US military

"Few dare to attribute declining morale, inept strategic thinking, and anemic recruitment to the stereotyping and targeting of middle-class white males, Soviet-style workshops, and diversity, equity, and inclusion mind conditioning." --Victor Davis Hanson, military historian

percentage of inmates unjustly imprisoned in the USA

Also calibrated: the percentage of criminal offenders unjustly released, and whether the criminal justice system is broken.

Federalist Society

Conservative judges in the USA typically are or have been part of this 60,000 member society.

Executive Order 14067—Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

Request: "issued by Joe Biden in March of 2022 to lay the groundwork for a Chinese-style digital surveillance currency, effectively requesting a replacement of the current US dollar."

FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home

FBI agents executed a search warrant on Monday at Donald Trump’s private residence... The raid was reportedly part of an investigation into whether the former president mishandled classified information after leaving the White House

United States Marine Corps (USMC)

"The few, the proud, the Marines"

SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that guaranteed a constitutional right to an abortion, a momentous break from a half century of rulings.

gender reassignment in children

"For transgender and nonbinary children and adolescents, early gender-affirming care is crucial to overall health and well-being" -- US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

charged with regulating and facilitating international trade, collecting import duties, and enforcing U.S. regulations, including trade, customs, and immigration... It has a workforce of more than 45,600 sworn federal agents and officers --wikipedia

California Border Protection Stations

16 checkpoints maintained by the California Department of Food and Agriculture along the state's land borders with Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. --request