academic tenure

a means of defending the principle of academic freedom, which holds that it is beneficial for society in the long run if scholars are free to hold and examine a variety of views --wikipedia

WSB Universities (Poland)

the largest group of business schools in Poland and have been conducting educational activities in ten Polish cities --wikipedia

Central European University

a private research university accredited in Austria, Hungary, and the United States, with campuses in Vienna and Budapest. The university is known for its strength in the social sciences and humanities, low student-faculty ratio, and international student body --wikipedia

Columbia Pacific University

the unaccredited California correspondence school from which Dr. Hawkins earned a PhD in the early 90s. It was shut down by court order in 2000.

Hillsdale College online courses (free)

Learn from distinguished faculty (including Victor Davis Hanson) in courses inspired by Hillsdale’s core curriculum.

average university student level of consciousness

Calibrated as students and personally. By request.

University of Southern California (USC)

"Founded in 1880...it is the oldest private research university in California." --wikipedia

Texas A&M University

"Texas A&M's student body is the second largest in the United States" --wikipedia