The essence of hell is guilt, though the field is wider. See the calibrated range.

"Let me assure you again that the Buddha dwells not in light..."

From Huangbo on the Transmission of Mind, translated by John Blofeld.

mantra: I align with the heart and mind of Jesus, in the name of Jesus

Super powerful mantra for expelling oni (demons) from one's aura.

Mari Emmanuel

On 15 April 2024, Emmanuel and five others were stabbed at his church... Emmanuel lost his right eye from the attack. He said, "I forgive whoever has done this act and I say to him, you are my son, I love you and I will always pray for you" -- wikipedia.

Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

a Christian devotion to the Divine Mercy from St. Faustina Kowalska of Krakow, Poland. Priority request.

Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, by Derek Prince

This hugely popular classic work of Derek Prince helps readers recognize if there are curses at work in their lives and shows them how to get out from under those curses to live under God's blessings -- amazon.

reading the Bible as a spiritual practice, devotion

Request: Reading the Bible daily as a way to improve one’s God consciousness, devotion to God.


Neo-paganism is calibrated at 180 in Truth vs. Falsehood. "Pagan Gods of Rome" are listed at 100.

T/F: wearing a cross protects against demons

Request: We know that making the sign of the cross dissolves demons in one’s aura. Does wearing a cross offer similar protection?

T/F: the body may be dematerialized / materialized by Kriya yoga

Because Yogananda (cal. 540 in TvF) said so.

Mahavatar Babaji

"According to Yogananda's autobiography, Babaji has resided for at least hundreds of years in the remote Himalayan regions of India, seen in person by only a small number of disciples and others." --wikipedia

Coronation of Jesus as a King of Poland

"after a vote in April of 2016 by the Polish parliament, Jesus Christ was set to be officially crowned the King of Poland" --

Lama Tsongkhapa

c. 1357–1419. Tibetan Buddhist monk, philosopher and tantric yogi, whose activities led to the formation of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, which came to see him as a second Buddha -- wikipedia.

The Ten Commandments

"a set of biblical principles relating to ethics and worship that play a fundamental role in Judaism and Christianity" -- wikipedia.


Priority request: Calibrated as 910 [awareness] in TvF. Is he enlightened by ADAP standards?