Eight Sleep mattress topper

Priority request. "Get higher quality sleep with personalized cooling & heating technology for any bed. Sleep cooler, more comfortable, all year long. Clinically-proven" --

muscle cars

Request: I own one. Is it in the positive? Does the V8 engine make a difference?

Immuno 150 supplement

"Its 70 plant-derived colloidal minerals are the key to its success. This full spectrum of hydrophilic minerals has been blended and synchronized with 80 superb nutrients to produce one of the finest nutritional supplements in the world." Priority request.

Olly brand gummy supplements

Priority request: I love the taste of these yummy gummies and their packaging!?! But is there any significant substance to taking them?

level at which a food supplement is significantly beneficial

Priority request: I see many calibration requests for supplements, that appear to calibrate in the low 200s. I don't quite understand if this is beneficial or not, so it would be interesting to put the "energy" of supplements into further context.

The Letting Go Deck: 44 Inspirational Cards to Experience the Power of Surrender

This deck features beautiful artwork and inspirational messages drawn from Dr. Hawkins's famous work. Users will learn how to work with painful emotions, such as fear and resentment, and gain greater self-awareness -- amazon.

The Talking Jesus Doll

"speaks 10 Bible verses including the Lord's Prayer and John 3:16. Seeing, holding and hearing Jesus accelerates awareness and acceptance."

protein powder / shakes / protein supplementation

Request: used by gymgoers.

ARK crystals

"Backed by over 30 years of research, the ARK crystal has been shown to increase the bio-availability of water, optimize system coherence, and increase energy coupling via the quantum vacuum. Invented by physicist Nassim Haramein."

Kangen water

Request: alkaline water produced by Enagic's alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines.

religious jewelry

Request: For example, wearing a cross, a yin yang symbol, the om symbol, etc as either an expression of one's faith, or, some believe it even provides divine protection.

20 kW Free Energy Generator (invention)

Priority request: A self-generated power system by electromagnetic propulsion. Video embedded.

electric cars

Request: promoted as one of the measures to combat climate change. But they are very expensive, and their production requires a lot of raw materials that may not be so environmentally friendly. Moreover what is the benefit if the electricity is produced using fossil fuels?

Dr. Bronner's Soap

Request: All-In-One biodegradable, organic soap. There’s a bunch of spiritual principles all over their website but I’m curious what the soap calibrates as I was recently shopping for healthy soaps to have in my household and the soap seems most integrous

HeartMath App & Sensor

Priority request. HRV biofeedback to help you access a healthy and high performance state called heart coherence which balances your mind and emotions. This helps prevent stress and clears your thinking for more effective choices