The essence of hell is guilt, though the field is wider. See the calibrated range.

energy field of an in-person 12-step meeting

Request: The field 12 steppers are exposed to which silently heals them and provides spiritual information. Each field, by god's grace, provides a unique kind of love, healing and integrity depending on the fellowship's purpose.

very loud public places, e.g. restaurants

Priority request: when conversation can't be had because too many people are crowded into a restaurant/pub/cocktail bar and they're all shouting over one-another.

Columbarium at St. Andrew's church, Sedona

The site of David R. Hawkins' relics.

Western Wall / Wailing Wall

Because of the Temple Mount entry restrictions, the Wall is the holiest place where Jews are permitted to pray outside the Temple Mount platform, as the presumed site of the Holy of Holies, the most sacred site in the Jewish faith, lies just above and behind it -- wikipedia.


Request: a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Indian religions.

Kaaba / Ka'ba

a stone building at the center of Islam's most important mosque and holiest site... in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is considered by Muslims to be the house of God -- wikipedia.

average commercial gym

Request: A place of pride? They often play rap / hip hop / heavy metal in there.

Glacier National Park (U.S.)

The park encompasses more than 1 million acres (4,000 km2) and includes parts of two mountain ranges (sub-ranges of the Rocky Mountains), more than 130 named lakes, more than 1,000 different species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals -- wikipedia

Tromsø, Norway

A 973-square mile municipality in the Arctic Circle famous for its views of the Northern Lights. Using Doc's calibration technique, it seems to be the highest calibrating geographic area on the planet.

Knock Shrine, Ireland

Request: The Virgin Mary is reported to have appeared here many times, and a popular pilgrimage for Irish Catholics.

Tomb of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra

"Samadhi is a place and construction for keeping in peace the bodies of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It is located at the inner courtyard of the Ashram Main Building." Priority request.

T/F: natural disasters are karmic to certain geographical locations

Or are they random "acts of God"?

T/F: Atlantis was an actual historical place

Request: Akashic records readings seem to indicate that it actually existed, and many people living today had past lives in Atlantis.

electronic music venues

Request: Party in an electronic (happy, avant-garde and melodic) music venue