a residential institution, total institution or group home, devoted to the care of orphans and children who, for various reasons, cannot be cared for by their biological families --wikipedia

Hungarian Parliament Building

"the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, a notable landmark of Hungary, and a popular tourist destination in Budapest" -- wikipedia

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Originally a Greek Orthodox cathedral from AD 532, the site has changed between being a mosque and a museum since the fall of the Byzantine Empire. It is currently a mosque --wikipedia

Auschwitz (present day)

Calibrated in preparation to visit Auschwitz while I am in Poland. Concentration camps are calibrated generically at 30 in TvF.

Xinjiang internment camps

established in 2017 by the Chinese Communist Party. Also called: Vocational Education and Training Centers

movie theater

Most, but not all, theaters are commercial operations catering to the general public, who attend by purchasing a ticket --wikipedia

Church of St. Anton

built between 1925 and 1927 as the first pure concrete church in Switzerland --wikipedia

St. Stephen's Basilica (Budapest)

the most important church building in Hungary, one of the most significant tourist attractions --wikipedia


Gambling is at 180, and the casino industry is at 160, according to TvF. The actual places are...

Palace of Culture and Science

Constructed in 1955, it houses various public and cultural institutions such as cinemas, theatres, libraries, sports clubs, university faculties, and authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences --Wikipedia

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

The most important religious building in Vienna, St. Stephen's Cathedral has borne witness to many important events in Habsburg and Austrian history and has, with its multi-coloured tile roof, become one of the city's most recognizable symbols --wikipedia

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Elbląg, Poland

Established in circa 1247, the church became Lutheran in 1573. It was damaged by fire in the late 18th century and suffered damage during World War II. It was elevated to the status of cathedral in 1992 --wikipedia

Prague public transportation system

In case you happen to be in Prague, like me.


Vineyards are often characterised by their terroir, a French term loosely translating as "a sense of place" that refers to the specific geographical and geological characteristics of grapevine plantations, which may be imparted to the wine itself. --wikipedia

St. Peter's Church, Malmö

Built in the 1300s, it is Sweden's highest calibrating church