New Age

Crystal Blue technology

Priority request: their products/devices that according to their info should have significant effect on our health and other benefits in agriculture, animal breeding, industry etc.

sacred geometry

Request: Lots of courses about this seem to be popping up, I'm wondering if it can be calibrated as a general topic or whether there are too many different elements in it.

The Seven Sacred Flames Hardcover, by Aurelia Louise Jones

Request: Hawkins talks about the rays in Nov. 2002 lecture God Transcendent and Immanent, and refers also to ACIM where they discuss it. I really wonder how truthful this book is, or is it Astral dead end?

Request: Claims to have visited other planes and documented his findings, doesn't feel fake to me.

T/F: aliens helped build the great pyramids of Giza

Request: A frequently held belief about how the pyramids were constructed.

ARK crystals

"Backed by over 30 years of research, the ARK crystal has been shown to increase the bio-availability of water, optimize system coherence, and increase energy coupling via the quantum vacuum. Invented by physicist Nassim Haramein."

Bach Flower Essences

Priority request: I have found it very helpful in "taking off the edge" of the mechanism of letting go or processing out lower consciousness in general. Is there a significant healing level in consciousness of these Bach Flower Remedies?

Angelic Origins of the Human Soul, by Tricia McCannon

Priority request. "Explains the six stages of Soul Evolution and the Nine Orders of Angels. Describes the many dimensions between the highest celestial realms and the lower Astral plane and the Genesis Matrix, our angelic place of origin" -- amazon.

The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson

On Work, Money, and Miracles. Request: "to whatever extent your mind is aligned with love, you will receive divine compensation for any lack in your material existence." Since internal abundance is ultimately the source of our external abundance, a shift in thinking from fear to love is the miracle.

The Spiritual Properties of Herbs

Priority request: This trance channeled material provides a detailed description of the spiritual effects that herbs have on people. Over 100 Western and Chinese herbs are presented -- amazon

Tiara Kumara's teachings of "I Am Avatar"

Priority request. "The Avatar Blueprinting Collection supports next level vibrational upgrade. It focuses extensively on manifesting the evolved human design and its expanding lens of perceptual awareness and humanitarian service."

Star Magic Healing

Request: light language meditations are done by staring at a mandala design that is inscribed with writing while you listen to audio of someone speaking in tongues (aka light language).

Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Barbara Ann Brennan offers offers: a new paradigm for the human in health, relationships and disease; an understanding of how the human energy field looks and functions; training in the ability to see and interpret auras

Christina von Dreien

"a 21 year old young woman who is blessed with a multidimensional awareness and other paranormal abilities." 129,000 subscribers on YouTube.

FLFE Focused Life-Force Energy

Calibration of a "technology that creates a high consciousness field." (from their web site)