New Age

Hidden Reality: The BioGeometry Physics of Quality

by Ibrahim Karim. "presents new holistic concepts of pulsating time-space, producing the emotional, mental, radiation and attraction forces in creation" -- amazon.

Thought Forms: A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation

By Annie Besant (530 TvF) and C. W. Leadbeater (485 TvF). With their high awareness calibrations we expect a high calibrating book. However, with context, capability and energy quality factored in, this book is shown to be a dead end.

A Sufi Song Of Love – Robert Gass & On Wings of Song

Request: Similar to Kyrie and his other works, but this one is about Islam and contains chanting the name of Muhammad. Does it affect its calibration?


"uses the subtle energy principles of geometric form to introduce natural balance to the different energy-qualities found in any living system" --

The Superbeings: The Superselling Guide to Finding Your Higher Self

by John Randolph Price. "This book will demonstrate, step-by-step, how you, too, can be well--spiritually, mentally, emotional, physically and financially -- how you, too, can become one of the SUPERBEINGS" -- amazon.

archons (concept of)

"rulers, each related to one of seven planets; they prevent souls from leaving the material realm." They are described in Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, and other theologies -- wikipedia.

Book of Wisdom, by Harry B. Joseph

Priority request. “A book containing esotericism, occultism, symbolism, and most importantly, syncretism. Syncretism is the method that I, Revival of Wisdom, have used to sync/combine all fields of knowledge. Syncretism unites all subjects of matter into one holy science.”

Energetic Boundaries, by Cyndi Dale

How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life. Request: Book offers tips (visualizations, objects) for protecting your energy field from low-energy areas you might encounter in daily life.

The Law of One

From Ra, a channeled entity.

vision boards

Request: A Law of Attraction concept that helps visualize goals, values. It's based on material things, usually. "Vision boards are all about intentions, and they are a great way to remind yourself of what your intentions are."

New Ageism

Calibrated in TvF at 185. Measured not by motivation alone, it is far less evolved than that...

T/F: the further one is on the spiritual path, the more ridiculous the content of thought becomes

Request: This comes to me from time to time when the thoughts that come are really absurd. I wonder if this is true and a manifestation of ego resistance or just wishful thinking.

Ozora festival

Request: a so-called transformational festival about psychedelic music and psychedelic art.


Request: has an extremely high frequency, which when combined with its cosmic collisions, earthly vibrations, and extraterrestrial energy, makes it a potent stone for spiritual use.

"What you love also loves you"

Priority request: Seems like wishful thinking to me, or a good way to get taken advantage of. But then, maybe it's a heart thing.