not having any friends

Request: Struggled with this when I was a kid.


a naturally recurring state of mind and body, characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, reduced muscle activity and inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and reduced interactions with surroundings — wikipedia.

mind running involuntarily

Also calibrated regarding crypto and stock markets.

hatred of the human body

Level of shame.

central nervous system

the part of the nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord, the retina and optic nerve, and the olfactory nerve and epithelia -- wikipedia.

age gaps in relationships

Priority request: If a 30 year old dates an 18 year old, does consciousness have anything to say about it? These are both consenting adults, so I can't imagine it would be nonintegrous on face value, but a large portion of society seems to believe that it is.

statement: we are all animals

Depends on context. Calibrated by request.

Neanderthal man

Priority request. "The size of the Neanderthal brain shows that Neanderthals were probably intelligent. On average, they had larger brains than modern humans" -- wikipedia.

mantis (insect)

Cannibalistic species whose "camouflage hides it from predators and also makes it inconspicuous as it stalks or awaits victims" -- By request.


Request: There's been some out here in the Midwest lately, so I was curious about the calibration.


Earthquakes can range in intensity, from those so weak they cannot be felt, to those violent enough to propel objects and people into the air, damage critical infrastructure, and wreak destruction across entire cities -- wikipedia.

being discouraged by aging process

Request: A normal part of having a body or something that needs attention?


illegal activities or behaviour --

T/F: the loss of ecosystems and biodiversity poses an existential threat to mankind

Request: More people seem to be finding interest in wildlife conservation and soil management, but these issues seem to be obscured by the generalized specter of “climate change.”

poison ivy

Request: Doc always mentions it in his talks, curious what it calibrates at.