Calibrations measure the music of the artist or band but omit contributions beyond that context such as hired songwriters, guest performers and other collaborators.

epic music at 500

Priority request to calibrate "Archangel" by TSFH. YouTube video embedded.


an internet meme involving the unexpected appearance of the music video for the 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up", performed by the English singer Rick Astley. The video has 1.3 billion views --wikipedia

Coldplay - Yellow

Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you / And all the things that you do (priority request)

handpan music

music from a chromatically pitched percussion instrument

Andrea Bocelli: Gloria in Excelsis Deo (video)

"Too beautiful to only be played at Christmas" --comment on video

Peia "Machi" from Four Great Winds (video)

This song speaks of healing power and medicine of Woman, the Moon and the Earth Herself. "Machi" is a word that comes from the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina. A Machi is a medicine woman and sometimes also refers to a medicine man --YouTube

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

Written in response to his young son's death in 1991, it has become healing for many parents who lost a child.

All you need is love, by The Beatles

The music of The Beatles is calibrated at 460 in TvF (although I couldn't recall this when testing this song).

Devo - Whip it ('80s song)

request: spiritual ego theme song?

Hothouse Flowers - I Can See Clearly Now

calibration of this cover song

Medicine Buddha mantra (video)

To eliminate not only pain of diseases but also help in overcoming the major inner sickness of attachment, hatred, jealousy, desire, greed and ignorance. Mantra chanted by Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche from the CD 'The Blessing from H.H. Penor Rinpoche for World Peace' --video

Miserlou by Dick Dale

Music from the 1960s on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack

"Bad boys" COPS theme song

1987 song by the Jamaican reggae band Inner Circle, which gained high popularity in the United States --wikipedia

Hillsong | Two Hours of Worship Piano

Request: Beautiful and incredibly comforting

Heart Sutra by Tinna Tinh

Musical adaptation of this well-known sutra calibrated at 780 in Truth vs. Falsehood.