mantra: everything is for me

By request.

mantra: not my problem, spiritually speaking

Whereas "not my problem" sounds on its face potentially dismissive of intrinsic responsibility, in a spiritual context it is profoundly true. God is responsible, and our involvement with perceptual problems by resistance or attraction of belief is essentially a waste of time.

mantra: I have no beliefs

To be liberated from beliefs is to be liberated from the ego. This mantra supports declining or refusing the attraction of beliefs which manipulates your energy level and experience.

motto: “who dares wins”

The motto has been used by twelve elite special forces units around the world that in some way have historical ties to the British SAS --wikipedia

mantra: I dwell in perfect pleasure

For stress, aches and pains. Hold "perfect pleasure" as an actuality, not theoretically. It's already there, present and available. Your job is to be aware of resistance to it, then let the reality of perfect pleasure process it out.

mantra: I accept my power (O Lord)

God grants each of us power, according to one's level of consciousness. A lot of us refuse power that is innate to us, thinking power is immoral. Others take power that is not earned, because they are immoral.

mantra: I dwell in the love of God

Setting aside the mind and all its mentalizations.

mantra: peace be with you

A very high, spiritual posture.

mantra: Jesus, I trust in You

“The graces of My mercy are drawn by means of one vessel only, and that is — trust. The more a soul trusts, the more it will receive.” — Diary of St. Faustina, 1578

mantra: my destiny is not in my hands

Under 200 in intention (or context), one firmly believes his destiny is of his own making: the ego Edges God Out (EGO).

mantra: I don't have all the answers

Oh, the liberation is this simple but profound admission 🙏

mantra: My life is ruled by order and harmony

Suggested by Doc