"Whatever my defects or imperfections, I accept myself unreservedly and completely"

Request: It's from Nathaniel Branden's book "Six Pillars of Self Esteem". He advises one to look in the mirror and say this to themselves very slowly in order to improve self esteem.

mantra: I am the father of the psyche

A way of properly assuming authority within your inner experience.

mantra: there are no forbidden options

Priority request. At cal. 40, forbiddenness is not in the nature of God.

mantra: I believe Christ saves me

request: Jesus did emphasize belief, if I recall correctly, so maybe this affirmation could be useful?

mantra: I have nothing to hide

Priority request: as “every hair is counted”, it seems like a futile task nevertheless

mantra: this is an illusion the ego has created

Content and energy itself is an illusion that only seems real by the payoff of experiencing it. [Statement cal. 615, all-dimensions]

mantra: I believe I am perfect in Christ

Jesus' grace makes me perfect in Him

Let me see this with love, O Lord!

Priority request: A way to recontextualize. The shift in reality is immediate and profound.

mantra: I can do this

Request: Helps with worldly things that seem challenging or too difficult. It is also from the database as a way to overcome self doubt.

mantra: God is with me

Good in the thymus (self love) dimension.

mantra: Christ is my authority

request: might be helpful to resolve crown chakra stuff

mantra: I am everyone's friend

Request: Apparently said frequently by Saint Catherine of Siena

mantra: everything is always working out for me

Request: a mantra to assist in letting go and surrendering to God

mantra: I forgive myself for everything

Request: i said this in a moment of tiredness of guilt and suffering

statement: I choose to see the beauty in this

Calibrated by request