Let me see this with love, O Lord!

Priority request: A way to recontextualize. The shift in reality is immediate and profound.

"keep it light"

A positive context and philosophy for life that is protective of the mind spiraling into dark thoughts and moods, it is a way of being consistent with the spiritual admonition "don't go there" regarding under-200 subjective realities.

mantra: I am collective consciousness

A high-capability, high-awareness, high-context mantra that can be accessed from level 395. It will bring up resistance at the highest of magnitudes, necessitating surrender at great depth. Indeed, with dedication, it will take one all the way.

mantra: destroy me, for there is nothing to destroy

With "me" referring to the ego, obviously.

mantra: God is the decider

Indicates a high level of surrender.

mantra : peace be with me

Request: I found it's effective for the thymus. How high does it calibrate?

mantra: wahe guru

Request: It's a powerful mantra common in Kundalini Yoga.

mantra: this is not important

Request: I feel like the ego presumes more importance about things than what is actual. It could also be good to calibrate "this is not the meaning" since importance arises from meaning.

mantra: I’m lovable, just as I am

A way to bring awareness to the thymus, which regards self-love.

mantra: I am loving Awareness

Request: Ram Dass' famous spiritual practice.

When the crown suppresses the solar plexus

Unblocking chakras suppressed by the crown is not necessarily easy, but it is liberating to do so. Each little success frees up energy that had been held captive. Experientially, you'll know the process is working, because you'll feel more alive and energetic.

"Whatever my defects or imperfections, I accept myself unreservedly and completely"

Request: It's from Nathaniel Branden's book "Six Pillars of Self Esteem". He advises one to look in the mirror and say this to themselves very slowly in order to improve self esteem.

mantra: I am the father of the psyche

A way of properly assuming authority within your inner experience.

mantra: there are no forbidden options

Priority request. At cal. 40, forbiddenness is not in the nature of God.

mantra: I believe Christ saves me

request: Jesus did emphasize belief, if I recall correctly, so maybe this affirmation could be useful?