making the recorded lectures of David R. Hawkins freely available

Should Veritas do this? Request: The recorded material we have of Doc is invaluable, making it publicly available could help spread his wisdom and benefits many.

on loving relationships

Communication is gently through the Spirt rather than the directness of speech, which is subject to misinterpretation.

T/F: people in intimate relationships share a non-local field of psyche

Request: Almost like a telepathic / intuitive relationship?

statement: no sin is possible

Love doesn't perceive sin. Priority request.

level: recognition of the divine in another person

To love is to see divinity in all its forms.

holding hands

Request: I feel wonderful when I hold hands with someone.

exclusive love

Request: Defined as only loving your family or close friends, and maybe people who seem to have value to you. A way of being. All others are excluded and made into strangers. This seems instinctual, like a wolf perhaps, but many humans seem to do it.

doing creative work, as a spiritual practice

Priority request: writing, making art etc., with a spiritual intention.

"God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them"

Priority request. Genesis 1:27.

statement: loving others is no substitute for loving yourself

Loving others is heart-based, while loving yourself is thymus-based. As the heart dimension is nested within the thymus dimension, loving others serves the highest good only in the context of loving yourself. (The highest good includes you!)

statement: the intellect can never know Love

The intellect is fundamentally incapable of discerning the true nature of Love over 500.

rejecting romantic advances

Request: When somebody has good intentions, but your are not feeling it. Leaves a bad aftertaste.

"Baby I Love your Way" – Peter Frampton

Comment on YouTube: "This song, in my humble opinion, is quite possibly the finest moment the 70s ever produced."

statement: to love is to witness

Request: One of the flying fish from this morning's contemplation.

statement: everyone deserves Gods love

A heart orientation motivated by love.