Tibetan prayer flags

often found strung along trails and peaks high in the Himalayas. They are used to bless the surrounding countryside and for other purposes --wikipedia

aversion to love, involvement

Calibrated: two versions of resistance

the field of self-love

400 points higher than narcissism, there's reverent, self-love aware of the divinity within God's creation: you.

Sometimes When It Rains —Secret Garden

Priority request: This song fills me with love and brings tremendous healing. I hope it can do the same for others too 🙏

statement: returning to God is inevitable

There is no falsehood in this. It is true from the perspective of Love. I suppose Love is what facilitates it and reifies it as an actuality.

mantra: I love myself

Energy potential of this mantra and of "everyone loves me."

Don't Know Much - Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt

by request

The Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruiz

illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships

statement: "You are exactly where you need to be..."

"...having the exact experience you are supposed to be having." Request: This is a mantra I use frequently that brings peace of mind. Maybe others will like it too. Many, many spiritual teachers say this, including Ram Dass and Jeff Foster.

babies laughing

An expression of Love 😍

“To live with care and kindness is all that is necessary..."

"...The rest reveals itself in due time.” --Power vs. Force

thinking is overrated

If you've ever tried to think yourself out of overthinking, you know what I mean.


"freedom from adulteration or contamination" -- Google dictionary

blood of Jesus Christ for protection

e.g. saying a prayer asking Jesus to cover one with his blood for protection and purification --request

statement: the ego is incapable of love

Request: God, Reality, the Self is the source and essence of all love. Does the ego share at all in that love, or it it simply a veil over the love of God?